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Spiritual experience of a sweet taste while chanting when walking on the street


Spiritual experience of Therese

I have been doing spiritual practice as per the guidance of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF). One day as I was chanting while walking home, all of a sudden I felt that the whole atmosphere around me was full of radiance. Suddenly I could feel the presence of God Himself in everything around me. I was completely filled with spiritual emotion. As I turned towards the corner into my street, I felt as if I was walking into a cloud of fragrant incense. I could taste a distinct sweetness in my mouth in that Divine atmosphere.

– Ms. Therese Andrew, Melbourne, Australia

The Spiritual science behind this experience

Occasionally when one’s chanting transcends the routine mechanical repetition of the Name of God and one experiences oneness with the chanting, the spiritual level of the seeker further increases momentarily, thus awakening his spiritual emotion towards God.  In this state of heightened spiritual emotion one can experience God’s existence through His manifestation through any of the five cosmic elements (panchamahabhoota). It is easiest to experience God through the frequencies of the absolute Earth element as it is the grossest amongst the five cosmic elements. The next cosmic element in the hierarchy is the absolute Water element. These elements are experienced through the subtle sense organs of smell and taste respectively. Here Therese was able to experience the existence of God through the subtle sense organs of smell and taste.

Receiving such spiritual experiences with no apparent cause, during a spiritual practice like chanting helps increase the faith of the seeker in his or her spiritual practice, thus augmenting it and taking one further in one’s spiritual journey.


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