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Misconceptions about Sainthood?

The following are a few misconceptions about Sainthood:

 1. A good or religious person or one who performs miracles is a Saint

A Saint is defined by his spiritual level alone. Depending on a person’s path, the criteria for the spiritual level of Sainthood may differ. People may be able to perform miracles due to various reasons. The most common reason is because of prior birth spiritual practice. However a reckless display of spiritual powers generally brings about the person’s spiritual downfall.

2. A person has to be dead to become a Saint

A person does not have to be dead to become a Saint. One can reach the spiritual level of 70% in a single lifetime itself with appropriate spiritual practice done under the guidance of an authority in spirituality who has reached the level of a Guru (a teacher of spirituality who is above the 70% spiritual level).

3. Sainthood is confined to a few select individuals

Sainthood i.e. attaining a spiritual level of 70% is not a spiritual state that can only be confined to a few select individuals, nor is it necessary that a person is born gifted with the spiritual state of Sainthood.  Any person on Earth with the sincere desire to attain Sainthood has an equal chance of doing so, through consistently undertaking higher and higher levels of spiritual practice. Under the guidance of a Guru, we all can connect with the Soul principle that is our true nature.

4. A Saint can only be from a certain religion

A Saint’s perspective is universal and is not subject to any religion or sect. In addition to this, a Saint does not have to be only from a certain religion. A Saint may be born to a certain religion, but can achieve Sainthood through spiritual practice. At this stage He goes beyond organised religion, can see God (Soul) within every human being and that there are as many paths to God as there are people.

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