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Increased tolerance for pain

Crying womanEach of us has a different threshold to bear pain – be it physical, emotional, or psychological pain. Sometimes we come across situations in life that are painful. The situations can range from a painful divorce to the loss of a loved one. A difference in the threshold levels to bear pain will be understood from the following examples:

A woman is livid with rage as her fringe has been trimmed a fraction too short by her hair-stylist. The effect lasts for many days as she complains to all her friends about the issue.

On the other hand we have a real life example of a woman who lost her husband shortly after marriage. Even though she had suffered a terrible loss, due to her spiritual practice she showed inner strength by maintaining composure and even consoling her in-laws inspite of her own loss.

In the first instance a small event such as a fringe being trimmed a little shorter sparks off an intense reaction. In the second instance one is able to bear a very adverse situation such as the loss of a loved one with more resilience. We do not know which circumstance can bring out the worst in us until we come face-to-face with it. With spiritual practice we get the strength to bear pain on all fronts.

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