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Spiritual effect of bathing in a cross legged position

Spiritual effect of bathing in a cross legged position

1. Introduction to a spiritually better way to bathe

When we have a bath, our primary focus is generally on cleaning ourselves physically. We rarely give thought as to whether we are being cleansed at a  spiritual level and which bathing technique would best accomplish this. While bathing in a bathtub or shower are the most common forms of bathing in many countries, through spiritual research, SSRF has found that a bathing practice commonly found in India is the most spiritually beneficial way to bathe.

Through the spiritual research conducted by SSRF, it has been found that both taking a shower and bathing in a bathtub, while being effective methods of physically cleaning oneself, are actually unfavourable at a spiritual level. In this article we will share with you our spiritual research findings on bathing while seated in a cross-legged position.

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2. Bathing while seated in a cross-legged position

2.1 Suggested method of bathing in a cross-legged position

To maximise the spiritual benefit of bathing in a cross-legged position, we recommend the following steps while taking a bath.

Black energy : The primary weapon used by negative energies is black energy which is a spiritual energy capable of manipulating any process on the Earth plane. The extent of this manipulation depends on the strength of the attacking negative energy.

Prayers: Prior to having a bath one should pray and pay gratitude to the Absolute Cosmic Water Principle (Āpatattva). One can pray that let the Raja-Tama be cleansed from their body. Also along with physically cleaning the body, one can pray that let one’s subconscious mind also be cleansed.

Adding spiritually pure items: Sāttvik spiritual healing products such as Holy ash (Vibhūti), Indian cow’s urine (gomūtra) or rock salt can be added into the water in the bucket. They help to remove black energy from one’s body to a faster degree.

Seating position: In this method of bathing a person sits cross-legged on a wooden stool. Sitting on the ground is not recommended as one can get affected by negative energies (ghosts, demons, devils etc.).  Sitting on the ground or floor of the bath or shower, can be spiritually detrimental owing to distressing vibrations from the lower regions of Hell (Pātāl) that cover the ground. Our lower chakras (spiritual energy centreand lower abdominal (including reproductive) organs are particularly susceptible to subtle-attacks this way. Hence it is important to sit on a seat while bathing. Wood is the preferable material for sitting due to the positive vibrations that are emitted and absorbed by it.

Bathing materials: Using a bucket of water one pours the water on oneself. One can uncross one’s legs in order to clean oneself thoroughly. It is best to use sattvik shampoo and soap while bathing. An expensive soap does not mean that it is spiritually better.

Chanting the Name of God: While having a bath continue to chant the Name of God. This helps to activate the Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) in the water.

Prayer: After completion say a prayer expressing gratitude for being cleansed.

2.2 Subtle analysis of bathing in a cross-legged position

Ms. Priyanka Lotlikar, a seeker from SSRF with an advanced sixth sense of vision, studied the subtle-effect of bathing while sitting in a cross-legged position. She drew a drawing based on subtle-knowledge of the various spiritual energies she saw from this bathing method.

The drawing based on subtle-knowledge has been verified for accuracy by His Holiness Dr. Athavale.

Through such drawings based on subtle-knowledge, we gain insight into how an action like bathing in a cross-legged position is spiritually beneficial for us.

Spiritually better way to bathe in a cross-legged position

Spiritual emotion (bhāv) : when one is in a state of spiritual emotion, one's sub-conscious mind merges with God for that time. The mind and intellect take a back seat and one is able to experience greater communion with God. Hence in this state the person does not have any thoughts or doubts about spirituality or God.

  • In the drawing based on subtle-knowledge we see that spiritual emotion (bhāv) is generated as the first point. This is because in this posture (as opposed to standing) one is more likely to experience spiritual emotion and become introverted and focus on God. Praying before the bath helps to generate spiritual emotion. Spiritual emotion is more likely to be generated when one does regular spiritual practice.
  • The spiritual emotion generated in the person having a bath activates the Divine consciousness in the water. This creates a protective ring of Divine around the person. When sitting in a cross-legged position the body shape becomes triangular and hence it becomes easier for a protective sheath to be generated during a bath.
  • Due to the heightened spiritual positivity, Divine Energy (Shakti) is attracted from the atmosphere. It flows through the water and because of the legs being crossed, it continues to circulate and remains activated in the body. This is opposite to what happens when we bathe in a standing position, where the energy flows out of the feet, and we lose much of the benefit of the Divine consciousness in water.
  • When sitting in a cross-legged position, the Central channel (Sushumnānāḍī) of the spiritual energy flow system is activated to a certain extent helping us to better absorb the Divine consciousness in the water.
  • For some people, sitting on a wooden stool is not an option due to age, injury and/or space or material considerations. What should one do in such situations? One very simple tool we have at our constant disposal is prayer. By earnestly saying the following prayer, one can gain the benefits of bathing cross-legged even though one isn’t able to do it physically.
“Oh God, I am unable to take a bath sitting in a cross-legged position. Please let me get the same spiritual benefit while bathing.”
  • The subtle black energy that may cover one’s body during the course of our day-to-day interactions and activities is also eliminated. On the other hand, showering and bathing in a bathtub can add a black covering.

3. In summary

Among the many options available to us for our personal hygiene, there is a wide spectrum of spiritual benefits or ill-effects to each. Regardless of what we are ultimately able to do, the greatest benefit from any lifestyle habit can be gained if it is not only sattvik, but also done in conjunction with spiritual practice. As the saying goes, “Spirituality is a science of experience”. A prayer said with spiritual emotion is a powerful tool which helps us derive the positivity from water and the environment along with protecting us from negative energies.

A wise man once said, cleaning dirt from both the body and the subconscious mind is the true bath. This is precisely why continuous spiritual practice is the true cleansing bath.

“Real cleansing is spiritual cleansing; if the mind is not clean then what is the use of soap?” – His Holiness Tukaram

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