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Research on vibrations emitted by bread and chapati

Abstract: Mankind is benefitted by the spiritual purity generated when making spiritually correct lifestyle choices.  Additionally, the influence of the Raja and Tama subtle basic components (excessive activity and ignorance) on him reduces. The lifestyle choices include daily routine, diet, clothing etc. The number of people following a spiritually pure lifestyle is on the decline in Kaliyug. Dietary choices are also no exception to this. In this article we discuss the vibrations emitted by leavened white bread and unleavened whole-wheat bread. From this analysis we will realize the importance of spiritually beneficial dietary choices.

1. Effects of bread – a spiritual perspective

Bread is a regular part of the average person’s diet. Nowadays breads are often made of white flour, which is difficult to digest and also lack vitamins. Since leavened white bread is not easily digestible, it forms a sticky lump and then it ferments. If it remains in the stomach for a longer time, one can get various ailments, for example, heaviness in stomach, stomach-ache, constipation, reduction in digestive power etc. On the other hand, whole-wheat flour is easy to digest and is enriched with vitamins. Thus, bread made with whole-wheat flour nourishes the body. Moreover, if the whole-wheat flour is not leavened, the bread is even easier to digest.

2. Analysis using biofeedback equipment

If one has an above average sixth sense ability, one can easily perceive spiritual vibrations, perceive whether an object is spiritually useful or not and accordingly make spiritually correct choices in life.

Some types of biofeedback equipment such as the RFI (Resonant Field Imaging) and PIP (Polycontrast Interference Photography: a bio imaging type of equipment) are able to pick up the vibrations around an object and display it in a visual format. This gives an average person the opportunity to visually see the aura or energy field of an object.

Click on this link for more information about the PIP and its uses.

For the purpose of our experiment on bread we took a common bun as a sample of leavened white bread and a chapātī (an Indian flatbread) as a sample of unleavened whole-wheat bread.

In these tests we note down the changes that occur in the environment due to an object; however, since the environment changes very often, a base reading of the environment is required before testing an object. Hence, before testing the bun and the chapati, an empty plate was kept on a table and the baseline reading was taken.  Then, the objects were placed on the plate and records of observations were noted down.

2.1 RFI reading of two types of bread




Before placing it on the plate

648.93 Mhz

The color of this frequency is blue and it denotes positivity and truthfulness.

626.19 MHz

The color of this frequency is greenish blue which denotes emotionalism in environment (this depends on the people present).

After placing it on the plate

680.07 MHz

The color of this frequency is dark blue which denotes an increase in biotic energy. This energy is inferior to the energy of blue color visible before the testing. This means that due to the bun, the environment assumes a spiritually inferior level.

580.92 Mhz

The color of this frequency is green which denotes spiritual purity and momentum. This means the earlier spiritually inferior environment assumes a spiritually superior level due to the chapati.

2.2 PIP reading of two types of bread

Later we examined the two types of bread through a PIP biofeedback machine.

Before: At first we took a base reading of the environment. As you can see there is only a little yellow (which indicates positivity) in the middle, surrounded by orange. Orange colour signifies tension or negativity. Green colour (which also indicates positivity) is present towards the outside of the frame.

PIP blank

Reading of the chapati:The negative orange ring in the environment is reduced to a great extent due to the positive energy emitted by the chapati. The green ring denoting positivity and spiritual purity is visible around the plate of the chapati. A yellow ring of high spiritual principle is visible around the chapati as well as in the environment. Since the positive energy being emitted by the chapati is destroying the negative energy in the environment the violet ring denoting this process is visible at the centre of the aura.

PIP chapati

Reading of the bread bun: Since the bun absorbed the negative orange ring in the environment, an orange ring is seen around it. The green ring denoting positivity and spiritual purity is pushed away due to the negative orange rings. The yellow ring of high spiritual principle present in the environment has reduced. 

PIP bread

From the above observations, it becomes clear that the bun absorbs negative and stressful vibrations in the environment and the chapati emits positive vibrations and destroys negative vibrations in the environment. Therefore it is more beneficial to eat the chapati than to eat the bun.

The above scan and analysis was done with the help of Mr Santosh Joshi (Universal Energy Researcher, Mumbai, India).

SSRF appeals to scientists and experts in the field who can provide help on such subjects from a scientific perspective.

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