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Spiritual Research on Agnihotra


1. Introduction

The world is a very different place  from the one our grandparents or for that matter our parents were born in. Perhaps one of the main changes is that the world is fraught with increasing pollution rates that have resulted in increased greenhouse gas emissions and other detrimental environmental impacts. When we speak of pollution, we generally think of the usual types of pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, food pollution and earth pollution. However, in our article on the increasing rate of Natural Disasters and Climate change, we have stated that the human race’s effect on nature, resulting in weird weather patterns, is not just limited to their negligence at a physical level but is also due to mental and spiritual pollution they unleash into the environment. Mental pollution is generated from the negative thoughts of people such as greed, deceit, hatred, scheming for destruction, etc. As this mental pollution propagates through the environment, it conditions the spaces we live in, to help generate further negative thoughts in our mind. This creates a negative vortex or chain reaction and, at its root, is the spiritual pollution of Raja-Tama that has increased in the human race. With the technological advancements in biological and nuclear weapons of mass destruction, coupled with the increased Raja-Tama in humankind and mental pollution, we have yet another threat facing us. The repercussions of a biological or nuclear attack will be devastating on human life and the stability of our world order.

2. What is Agnihotra?

While the world scurries to find a solution to curb physical pollution, a simple ritual mentioned in the sacred Atharvavēda (11:7:9) and described in detail in the Yajurvēda Samhita and the Shatapatha Brahmana (12:4:1) is believed to reduce pollution and spiritually purify the atmosphere. This ritual is known as Agnihotra. People who perform this ritual say that it reduces stress, leads to greater clarity of thought, improves overall health, gives one increased energy, and makes the mind more loving in nature. It is believed to be a great aid to drug and alcohol de-addiction. Agnihotra is also known to nourish plant life and neutralise harmful radiation and pathogenic bacteria. It can be used to purify water resources. It is also known to reduce the ill-effects of nuclear radiation.

3. Spiritual research on the ritual of Agnihotra

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation conducted spiritual research on the ritual of Agnihotra. This research complements the knowledge already available on the Internet with regard to the benefits and scope of Agnihotra. The following article provide further information on the spiritual research conducted.

Can Agnihotra prevent the effect of nuclear radiation?

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