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Alternative therapies – Outcome

Alternative medicine landing

1. Introduction

In this article we compare the various alternative therapies at the level of the outcome of each alternative therapy. By ‘outcome’ we mean what is the actual extent of benefit of the therapy to the patient. Here we are not discussing outcome as in just getting well. Getting well or being symptom-free may happen with any of the alternative therapies depending on the level of the root cause of the illness or disorder. We are drilling right down to the level at which the outcome of therapy is happening. This is to give our readers an insight into the depth of the maximum possible outcome of each of the alternative therapies.


2. Allopathy


The outcome of Allopathic treatment is restricted to a temporary overcoming of the illness or symptoms of the illness at best. In the earlier articles in this series we have seen how Allopathy fares at the various parameters that we had considered like the level of action, functional energy, ability and function. That understanding will give us an insight into why the outcome of this alternative therapy is so limited.



3. Yunani (Unani) medicine

Yunani (Unani)

In the case of Yunani medicine, the effect of therapy surfaces after some time and it also depends on the state of the mind of the patient. We know that Yunani medicine acts at a comparatively gross level i.e. at the level of the energy flow in the body. Thus this alternative therapy does not affect the mind. The mind is more subtle than the level at which Yunani medicine acts. Hence the impact of this alternative therapy is influenced by the state of the patient’s mind. The outcome of this alternative therapy can be negatively impacted if there are major ups and downs in the mind of the patient. This can easily be the case in a protracted illness or if the person is emotional in nature.


4. Acupressure


Acupressure therapy results in the activation of the materialised energy vibrations in the organ related to the specific acupressure points. This activated energy then helps in fighting the disease process and healing the organ.




5. Mudra

When a body part is diseased, at a subtle spiritual level there is increase in the subtle basic Tama component in it. Ghosts take advantage of this and infiltrate it with their subtle black energy. This further accelerates the disease process and also helps the ghosts to tighten their hold on the person. Mudrās increase the power of the diseased cells to throw out this subtle black energy, thereby increasing the body cell’s power to fight at the subtle-level. Thus this alternative therapy empowers the person at a subtle spiritual level in combating the disease.


6. Homeopathy


We have seen in the earlier article comparing the various alternative therapies at the level of their function that Homeopathy functions by generating chētanā in the body cells. Chetana is that aspect of the Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) that governs the functioning of the body and mind. This chetana bestows on body cells the ability to recreate. Thus this alternative therapy gives the body the ability to recreate body cells quantitatively and qualitatively as per the specific requirements in combating the disease process.


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7. Ayurveda


We have seen in the earlier article in this series that Āyurvēda functions by generating Divine consciousness in the spaces in the body cells. As the cells get charged with Divine consciousness, their ability to fight at the spiritual level is increased. As the spiritual level is the most subtle, it is also the most powerful. Hence from this perspective too, this alternative therapy is the most comprehensive.


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