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Presenting SSRF’s success and regular reports about its activities.


Quick facts
Website 9 million unique visitors per year
Youtube 10 million views

> An analysis of the audience SSRF reached during 2015 shows that is growing into an internet leader on Spirituality.

Spiritual progress of seekers doing spiritual practice as advised by SSRF
Sainthood (70% spiritual level) 4
60% spiritual level 19

Website report for the month of May 2019

Total Visits for May 2019

116,156 403,105

Total Pages (by views)

Page April 2019 May 2019 Growth
Spiritual tour (Landing Page) ((Indonesian) 206 3867 1777%
Spiritual tour (Landing Page) (German) 468 6665 1324%
Symptoms of Ghost Affecting or Possessing a Person (Indonesian) 1277 5356 319%
Self-healing (Landing Page)(English) 8517 11603 36%
  • SSRF lectures and workshops: 26 lectures were held by SSRF in Austria, Canada, Croatia, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland and Singapore. SSRF also conducted 11 workshops in Canada, Europe, Malaysia, Switzerland and USA.     Comment from one participant –  “This workshop was amazing. Lots of insight on spirituality. You guys (SSRF) taught in a way for all to learn.” – Amber,  Canada.
  • Conference on Happiness and Well-being, ‘Future Directions for Healthy Living’: – SSRF in association with Maharshi University of Spirituality (MAV) participated in a conference held in the University of Foggia, Italy and presented a paper on ‘Finding peace of mind in a stressful world ‘.150 people attended the conference. The presentation was well received.       Comment from one attendee – “When SSRF were presenting, I could relate a lot with what you were sharing. Am advocating the change in the terminologies we scientist use, as they are rather narrow. Since I am teaching in India also, feel there is a need to expand our scientific view to encompass Spirituality as well. Am glad you came.” – Prof. Dr. Antonella, University of Milano, Italy.
  • SSRF participation in holistic fairs:  Bolivia – It was the first time that SSRF participated in this fair, which was a part of a big cultural event held in the city of La Paz, Bolivia. People were interested to see the unique exhibits about the subtle dimension and the video of how to perform spiritual healing.   Serbia – The fair was held in a park in the town of Zrenyanin, Serbia. The SSRF booth was visited by many people. People liked the smell of SSRF incense which was kept lit at the SSRF booth. People also showed interest in the infographic, ‘Spiritual effects of Food and Drink, and Salt Water Remedy’. (Please give a link to this inforgraphic from our website)
  • SSRF satsangs: To guide seekers worldwide in their spiritual journey, in May 2019 SSRF held 139 satsangs online. The satsangs were conducted from USA, Canada, India, and parts of Europe and Asia Pacific continents.
  • Questions asked on SSRF login:  In May 2019, we responded to 272 questions on spirituality, asked via the SSRF login facility.
  • SSRF social media: SSRF Pinterest channel is growing steadily. This month the post ‘How does prayer Work and how to pray most effectively’ had 80,000 views.
  • Comments from readers are now included in the ‘What others say about SSRF’ section.