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Comments from SSRF’s readers and well-wishers from across the world

April 2018

SSRF and MAV Facebook

 Best moment of my day is to open this page and seek something new at the end of everyday because this page has Divine vibrations.”

– Mr. Tushar Mathakari, (Sangli) India


Spiritual Science Research Foundation, my spiritual practice is overflowing with love. I love you all my brothers and sisters. Sharing your holy posts blesses me. Thanking you for loving me.”

– Ms. Kanika Mankotia, India


I have only returned from a month stay at Maharshi University of Spirituality and I received so much learning from everyone there. The five day workshops are life changing and give spiritual knowledge that can not be found anywhere else on Earth. I can’t wait to return one day soon  🙂 

– Mrs. Susan Markham, UK


French Face Book

After following the advice to do Salt Water Remedy

I have to tell you THANKS. I do not know who is behind this page, but I did follow your advice and I had the most beautiful victory of my Life. The total cure of a disease that I was fighting in silence. You are wonderful.”

– Ms. Wally Langouba, Gabon

Comment on the Namaste Infographic

Thank you for your explanation! Without being able to explain it, I felt the same. It is respect and reverence at the same time, pleading and blessing at the same. I catch myself doing it in my job. Regretfully that often leads to irritation. Doesn´t matter ! 🙂

– Ms. Claudia Henckel, Germany


Spanish Facebook

So many things to implement in life, the constant practice in our daily and worldly life ♥ thanks for sharing. When you stay faithful to God everything happens, even though millions of things can happen or you can do it yourself. If one stays in the faith, the fruits will always be given.

– Ms. Roxana Lucano, Perú

 SSRF Instagram

(Post: There is no short cut in Spirituality)

I see it also as a process but not depending on time. If I recognize the source as my true self, the road has not to be long and winding. Wonder after wonder. Blessing after blessing. Its not a matter on quantity more of quality and how good you can stay focused in the source.

– Esthron floating (company name) 

(Post: If God is with me, everything is possible)

Thank you so much for your kind reply, as I believe in SSRF with my heart. I also have question about something personal and of course spiritual which is bothering me like 20 years now. I wanted to know how can i ask my spiritual question from SSRF ?

– Mr Keivan Galaxy  


SSRF Login

The positive effects of chanting Shri Gurudev Datta are enormous. I have started to chant Datta mantra every moment. Within 2 days lot , lot of positive changes have happened. My anger went away. My relation with my family members has improved. In spiritual orientation program Rishita mam explained that GOD is with us, watching us 24*7*365. I became so much relaxed that there is an Almighty Power protecting me, guiding me every moment. Datta mantra is working miraculously in my life.

– Name withheld upon  request


March 2018

SSRF and MAV Facebook

 Dear SSRF I have been praying Om Sri Gurudev Datta. Many things are happening. My memories are of beautiful childhood. The ancestors are calmed. The origin of some problems are removed.

– Mr. David Gardiner, Australia


(For the post of – Feeling God’s presence)

Many a times, during chanting I have felt soft cool air touching my face & passing & at times it is continuous for 10 seconds or more.

–Mr. Amaan Monga, Bharat

(For the post – Cooking , a spiritual responsibility)

Today I have cooked vegetable rice/pulav with chanting Name of God. The food was very good. Every one felt so happy after eating. Thanks and Gratitude SSRF, for your valuable information. 

– Mr. Vijay Niranjan, Bharat


It is the Great University of Spirituality; next time I must come to this university, if God blessing

– Mr. Ketut Donder, Indonesia


Please hold the same ones in Vietnam , I am willing to be a coordinator . (In response to our post of Spiritual workshop in Adelaide, Australia.) Thanks to your welcome to MAV, I once went through your website and found its founder and contents so spiritually & physically brilliantly helpful  to human life for this age. I found some helpful tips that truly solve and were an answer to my personal problems so far. I will keep following  the website as well as Facebook page of MAV more often from now on. Thank you for your encouragement.

– Ms. An Phuoc, Veitnam

(For the post – Spiritual love)

So pure and divine – the picture of two beautiful saints… Feels extremely blissful. The feeling of sweetness was beyond words to express when I saw the pic. It was eternal and absolutely immediate. Like looking into the huge mirror! I learned one thing from this pic. True unconditional love automatically makes you surrender yourself to it and dissolves you completely in its ecstasy. That’s what I felt in me because I was completely soaked in reflection of their sweetness in me. Truly divine. Thank you for preserving these moments and sharing with us! 

– Mr. Arjun Mahajan, Bharat

SSRF Instagram

(Post about eternal happiness)

Thank you for sharing with us all this inspirational spiritual values. Sometimes I feel very lost, is not easy to keep on the right way, focused on God (or whatever you believe that is there) on the power of love, when all that surrounds you pushes you to another side, it’s hard to keep focused, to keep going for what you truly believe.

– The lonely forest (Alias name)

SSRF Login

 Thank You and I appreciate your response. Your response to my question added much further clarification and validation to what I held to be true within my heart. And Yes, I have been making vast efforts into my spiritual practice. I chant the name of My Higher Power constantly throughout my day (which originates from the Hebrew word “Yahweh,” but it is pronounced slightly different because I chant the Aramaic translation of it). “Aramiac” predates Hebrew and was the language that Hebrew was derived from…I want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help, love & light you’re message and all the other operatives of this site have given me to my questions. Thank you as well for answering and helping all the countless other souls Your organization has touched through the years and since the founding of You’re organization’s beginning, And I am recognizing the Importance of India’s role in the upcoming times. Thank you & Israel supports India to the fullest. Sincerely,

-Mr. Jordan Belinsky, USA


February 2018 

SSRF Facebook

 My spiritual healing is improving well. I draw and paint and do chanting every day. I get acupuncture treatments weekly and things are looking up. I am hoping to find my way to your Ashram in India one day. Right now, I’m working on saving some money for that. It is my mission to spread  God’s word. And I feel like a fish out of water in Estonia. Hopefully my life path will eventually take me to a better place. Fortunately, I don’t have bad dreams anymore. And I have seen orbs and I am Definitely spiritually more aware and at the same time stronger to face negative energies.

– Ms. Kadri Lipping, Estonia


4 recent days, cause of intense chanting due to the impact of the moon, i feel elevated spiritually about 15-20%, mood about 30% and wiser thoughts increased about 20%. Feeling grateful to Hindu Gods and especially for you guys!

– Mr.  Edvis Paul’ius Korsakaitis, Lithuania


SSRF-Thank you so much for sharing that article with me, I enjoyed it for many reasons. I must say that I am interested in your work. I am old and basic and have no interest in electronics; I never Emailed and am new to Facebook and don’t know what I am doing most of the time; I just now found your communication from days ago; but know that will continue to check you out because I am honestly interested and admit that I harbor a hope that this may lead me to my purpose which will send me home. Thank you again.

– Ms. Nadia Leslie, USA

German FB 

Shared on our German side profile:

After the post about hair buns, I put my long hair differently (hair tips inside and so on). It feels so much better! I am also quite sensitive to such things 🙂 ”

– Ms. Sabine Luzie, Germany


 SSRF Instagram

(Post about worrying)

Thank you so much for the information anything I can do for myself to become a better soul and be of service to others. Bless your heart for all you do. My bucket list one day is to visit your Ashram. I purchased a set of 5 books about 2 years ago it came with a box of incense. Very interesting material. Have a beautiful day.”

– Ms Iris Luv

SSRF Login

 The moment I finished reading the very first article of SSRF website,the language,the way you present the facts, is so beautifully moulded that one finds it difficult to doubt your research/knowledge.due to my skeptic nature, would always make me doubt those saints…..but reading your articles on saints and gurus, I don’t know why but I felt like everything,EACH AND EVERYTHING,that you have written about saints is cent percent true like they get answers from within, they have access to universal mind, …..everything that I had seen in my life but had no explanations for…..but SSRF did answer all my questions/queries/doubts. A VERY BIG THANK YOU FROM THE CORE OF MY HEART TO THE WHOLE SSRF TEAM AND THANKS TO GOD JI THAT DUE TO HIS GRACE I CAME TO KNOW ABOUT YOU PEOPLE SO THAT I COULD PROGRESS SPIRITUALLY RELATIVELY EASIER AND LOGICALLY.I don’t have words to express how you people have transformed my concept of devotion and spirituality. You people have not only explained the importance of taking up spiritual practice but supporting your studies with facts and quantitative analysis of spiritual dimension has made taking up of spiritual practice so interesting that one at once feels inclined to do spiritual practice. With the concept of spiritual level, you have given people a benchmark to look for in order to keep them motivated. An intense desire to devote all of my time, wealth, energy ,mind, intellect to the service of God ji occurs in one’s mind due to the fact that I can not only see that I am evolving spiritually but also by what amount have I progressed spiritually…..the latter makes the desire for doing spiritual practice even more intense.

– Mr. Rahul Ambavata, Delhi

I have benefited by your loving website very much. It had made me realize see and understand things better. It is actually making me a better person. My heartful thanks for that to you people.

– Mr. M Giri, Hyderabad

December 2017 & January 2018

SSRF Facebook

Croatian FB

Your articles are always amazing and very beneficial to me. They have been very helpful in this spiritual warfare battle. I am thankful to have you as a resource.

– Ms. Jennifer Lynn, Pennsylvania, USA

Good evening long long time, I have chanced to write something about it, but my views spiritual science has been found that more than 80 percentage problem in globally recognized by the nonspiritual objects, time to time yours’s institution attention for the all the kinds of humanity, so we salute your motivation and dedication!! so welcome all the articles by ssrf, I am giving you a right name is sachidananda place, where in foundation for right path of life!!

– Mr. Himanshu Kumar Solanki , Bharat

Thank you so much! You can’t imagine my gratefulness that you exist!! SSRF is real way! There are a lot of spiritual studies but 99 percent of them are fraud or not complete… ONLY YOU are true! I’m only being sincere! When I’m in contact with you I feel so relaxed and safe. Thank you very much and I love you all!!!

– Mr. Vuk Vukovic, Serbia

Thank you for all the great information you good people post. I would still be wallowing around in the bars if I didn’t adopt a spiritual path, and your posts have given me direction, especially pertaining to impure vibrations and empty box meditation.

– Mr. Christopher David, country not known

With the salt and water remedy, my experience was that – I feel heat on my forehead only and I don’t feel worried though I have problems in life

– Mr. FK Tabie from Ghana

SSRF Instagram

(Post about bun hairstyle)

“I am very grateful, thank you. All cultures worldwide should share their knowledge and apply it.”

– Mr Sand Maniv 

 SSRF Login

I have been reading and watching your content on internet for quite a few days and have respect towards this organization and its teachings. I get so much insight from your content. I get a feeling that I have sooooo much to learn from this Divine organization.

– Ms. Veeral Gandhi , Bharat

I attend the Satsang which was conducted by Kristen, she listened to me very patiently and if I am not wrong this is the first time I been listened to by someone who instead of criticizing me assured me that if I carry on with the chanting and salt water remedy, then one day I will come out of this hell.

  – Mr. Sudhir Rohilla , Bharat




November 2017

SSRF Facebook

I just want to commend and send you all at SSRF Love and Peace. I send you Blessings in GOD and please Bless me in GOD as well because I see you have the truth. About the Moon article, it is true two days before a full Moon there was great strife at home for no reason at all. I just wish that I was able to speak to one of your Saints or Seekers at SSRF. I’m amazed about your web site. I was given a good bicycle by a Christian man. Someone said to me “Hey nice bike” as soon as he said that I got into an accident.  I began to Pray to Holy God to remove the negative energy from me and the bike, and to cover me and the bike with Holy God’s Positive Energy. Once I did that it never happened again to me. There is so much of the unknown that we Humans are totally unaware of. There is so much that we do not understand about.

-Mr. Damian Lopez, Country not known


I’m just at beginning. But I must admit that your site SSRF changed my life and I knew immediately that you are writing true knowledge. I was reading it every day.

– Mr. Vuk Vukovic, Serbia


Have been here. Quite an exceptional learning that I have never experienced elsewhere. Opening the door to the whole world of Spirituality, and its eye opening how the spiritual dimension affects us in day to day life! Lots more to read, understand and adapt to, but it’s already changing the perception ofhow to look at life, of course in a positive way.

-Mr Vishal Katyare


Spanish FB

With spiritual practice everything is better, difficulties harm you less.

– Mrs. Alma Osicne, México

 SSRF Instagram

(Post about mental illnesses)

“You have cured my migraines! A few years ago I completed your salt water cure, then continued with daily meditation and the Lord Datta chant. Feeling stagnant this year, I have begun reviewing your website again.”

– Ms. Kat Wildlife 


 SSRF Login

“Yes I would be honoured to share my miraculous healing. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis in 2008. I went through neck surgery to release pressure off my nerves but still had to deal with the pain, as nerves would progressively be pinched. I was placed on prescription drugs to help in pain management. I was even eventually prescribed medical cannabis. All would help but nothing gave me permanent relief. I am one who seeks God on a regular basis and also have much faith. One day I was on the internet and I don’t remember how, but came across the SSRF website. I think finding was the result of good karma. The more I read the more I felt at home. It was like I finally found where I belong. Everything made so much sense. I began immediately studying the principles and applying them. I even began doing Agnihotra daily. My biggest break through came when I began chanting the healing mantras.

After several days of chanting Lord Krushna’s healing mantra, I began to feel different in all aspects of my physical nature. I no longer felt any pain in my back and was endowed with extreme amounts of energy throughout the day. My friend Tina notice the change in me and was quite shocked to see how physically able I was moving about with such vigour. I decided to see how effective and long lasting was this change. So I decided to stop all pain medications to see the results.

Not only did I not have any withdrawal symptoms but I also have never felt so good both physically and mentally. It is like all my chakras have been charged and running on full light. It is a wonderful feeling to have such clarity, both in mind and body. This weekend Tina and I will be attending our first workshop in Vancouver, Canada. We are so…pleased and looking forward to it very much. Perhaps one day we will be blessed to visit Goa or maybe assist SSRF by holding a workshop in WA.USA one day. Well that’s my miracle and I am so thankful, and now that I am healed, I can look forward to my life of seeking and merging with God and helping others to do the same. To all of my future friends at SSRF, Thank you with all my love to you.”

– Mr. Robert Curry, Spanaway, United States


“Thank you very much for the spiritual guidance from the prior email. I have taken some measures like chanting the name of God, changeing my sleeping direction, salt water remedy etc. These measures work for me and my negative condition has been relieved. Now I feel better.  Thank you very much for your help and I will continue my spiritual journey and pay attention to SSRF. Finally, showing my gratitude again to you and SSRF.”

 – Ms. Fan Yang, London, UK

October 2017

SSRF Login

I came to know your website through Google. I wanted to know, the difference between meditation and chanting because when I was suffering with hearing I thought meditation may be a better option for spiritual growth. But soon I realized that it had no effect on me and your reply and website has confirmed that. Thanks a lot for spending your time for answering my doubt. Your website is truly amazing. I will definitely contribute to it when I grow up.

Mr. Kush Gupta, New Delhi, Bharat

I find answers for my forth coming queries also. My heart fills up with gratitude, You are highly compassionate in giving fast response and pull me up before I fall back. I need not worry for my betterment while you are (SSRF) beside me.

– Mr. Umasudan Subramanian, Salem, India

It’s true you people are blessed by God! Your seva reflects the same. Thanks for your clarification about the Chant. Sure, I will buy both the book and picture ASAP. I am happy to know about such an informative book is available. I just started with one doubt but our conversation helped me to achieve a lot of clarifications. Thanks for your time and dedication.

– Mr. Vijayaraaj Sundhararaj, Bangalore, India

SSRF Workshops

I was looking for something, but did not understand what. Visiting yoga, training, spiritual lectures, I could not connect the dots. And in SSRF seminar everything fell into place. It all became clear, the goal and understanding of some processes happened. I could not overcome laziness. Now I understand where it comes from, and there is a desire to fight it. I could not return to normal mode of the day, to sleep at night, and work during the day. It was vice versa. Now after the Seminar for 3 days I’m in normal mode. I did not have enough energy, despite doing the spiritual practice of standing on a board of nails ! (She does hatha yoga of standing on nails.)  I felt the energy after only 30 minutes of chanting. There was no goal, why I am learning everything, it was just interesting, but without the final goal. Now there is the goal. I was looking for a method to work with ancestral issues, but could not find the one that suited me. I found it now. I like to improve myself. And at this seminar there is a lot of it that I really like.

Ms. Oksana Gorshenina, Saint Petersburg, Russia  

I’m going back with better resolve and more calmness to make better spiritual progress and to live a life with equanimity when faced with problems.

Mr. Rama, USA (after attending the 3 day workshop in New Jersey, USA)

Workshop addressed all the obstacles I had in sadhana and given clear guidance through Personality Defect Removal process to overcome it. I feel gratitude for the opportunity to be here with all seekers.

Mrs, Preethu, USA (after attending the 3 day workshop in New Jersey, USA)

SSRF Facebook

I came by chance upon SSRF online while searching for some healing remedies for a friend. It took quite a while for me to learn and for the mind to understand/accept the concept and to understand the importance of spiritual practice. After attending and experiencing the 5 days spiritual workshop in SSRF, it was really an eye opener and turning point in life, from there on I started doing some spiritual practice. Within a few short months with spiritual practice, I overcame problem such as sleep paralysis, smoking, online gaming addiction. Gratitude to God.

Mr. Gee Bing Kelvin Tier, Singapore

I was reading theosophy books but information there is hard to understand. SSRF really explained everything with great ease. SSRF uses terms that are very precise, and everything is 100% true in my opinion. It is very hard in these days to get truth. Astral plane is what SSRF call PATAL or hell and level above patal is heaven or Devahan or mental plane in theosophy. I had to read multiple books and articles simultaneously to understand one segment of truth. And then I saw this site SSRF and thank GOD!!!! This site is salvation for all the people here is nothing similar on the internet today. All have subjective opinions about spirituality. This is the real thing in my opinion.

Mr. Vuk Vukovich, Belgrade, Serbia

SSRF Instagram

This is wonderful to know. You have clarified my questions.

– Ms. Zorayah (Post on sattvik clothing)

Thank you so much to let me know about prayer posture. It is a light for one who is blind in spirituality.

– Ms. Agung Putri Artini (Post about prayer)

September 2017

 SSRF Login

This is to convey my most sincere appreciation for your kind advice to chant the mantra, “Shri Gurudev Datta”. I have been chanting it whenever and wherever I can, even lying in bed before sleeping. And I must say that I have already started getting the benefit by way of relief from acute pain and distress caused by the departure of my beloved wife.”

Mr. Prabhakaran Kanniath, India

Quite impressed. Well I came at the website when I was surfing net. You have really interesting articles. To be frank at first I was skeptical. I was even skeptical that you can reply so fast. But then I tried chanting. I have read most of the articles. It has been quite some time now on your website. It was a good experience. I have read about spiritual bhav and knew when i was facing the emotion. Yes I do both the chants you mentioned. For some reason I cannot do satsang. i will keep posting my queries here. Thank you for the warm reply.”

– Mr. Rahul Bajaj India

SSRF Facebook

Sometimes i think I’m doing it too much using Vasudevaya mantra in state of giving myself to it. The more i do it, more I feel and see the effect. Thanks to SSRF. Last night after this post started with Datta mantra and started to feel a bit different bliss, even better than TOP mantra as mentioned before. After waking up in middle of the night after a nightmare, started to do Datta mantra, and more powerful and more calming bliss experienced. And nightmare ended when I started to do Vasudevaya (chant) and that didn’t helped to run away so after few tries I woke up in a second. Used to experience sleep paralysis so had to struggle to wake myself up to 10 seconds. Datta is my new savior now during 3 days prior and 3 days after full moon, thanks to SSRF once again.”‬

– Mr. Edvinas Paulauskas, Lithuania

Namaste, I vividly obliged to above the method (for the post of ‘Some tips for Chanting”) somewhere last year, when I was mentally buffered with stressed and lost. But with close reverence to the above methodology, I sincerely adhered to it and gave all my attention to it chanting “Om Shri Gurudev Data” and after some months of practice. I felt happiness, calmness within me as compared to the previous moment of boredom and mentally ruffled with negative. I express my joy today on the spiritual experience I have attained and realized by the teachings and benefits I have achieved from you. Indeed my life has really progress towards my spiritual journey. I can’t hold the joy I feel every day chanting.”

– Mr. Nana Idan Jnr Accra, Africa

This is a very captivating case study which can help many people suffering from departed ancestor souls and not sure what to do precisely. I also downloaded Datta chant. Thank you SSRF for presenting us with true stories like this one. “

– Ms. Maya NJ, Venezuela

Croatian FB – “Dear All, recently i asked for advice regarding back pain for my son. I prayed as you said, now he is better. From before I am familiar with your Website. It’s very detailed. It looks that could be the truth. Thanks for everything.”

– Ms. Silvana Dugeč Bratić, Croatia

German FB – “I pay gratitude towards all the seekers who are publishing spiritual knowledge everyday, so that everyone can start with spiritual practice. You are helping everyone and you are answering all questions. Because of all of you I have started to work on my defects and as a result experienced a kind of bliss I never experienced before. Best regards.”

– Mr. Albert Schmidt, Germany

Spanish FB – “Spiritual practice is the best thing that can be done and have in this world, apart from keeping away from crimes and addictions, it takes away anxiety, stress, fears, depression and although I was attracted to many negative feelings, I will not give up, Thanks to this Team to assist me whenever I have doubts”

– Mrs. Jessica Zamorano, Mexico.

July-August 2017

SSRF Login

Thank u very much for your each and every words… u r replying me without expecting anything from my side,,, i m thankful to u from bottom of my heart and i just cant say in words, i m very fortunate to get the feedback from your side…

– Mr. Sagar Prabhakar, Mysuru, India

SSRF Facebook

This is true and 100% accurate. If one wants to change they need to do it. This is my personal experience. I was able to quit 15 years of habit within a week. (Commenting to positive changes after 4 months of spiritual practice)

– Mr Pradeep Reddy, country not known

This is a page about spirituality. This is in a higher level than intellect, so you should stop posting comments about science because science is understood by intellect, and intellect is very limited dealing with spirituality.

– Mr. Kelvin Flores, country not known

SSRF Facebook in Indonesian

Negative effect of Selfie: “It looks like a personality disorder at the moment. Selfie according to me are gratification of Ego against yourself because there are supporting factors. Like wanting to get viral and soon which is an effort to satisfy yourself(desire).”

– Artama Negara, Indonesia

The link given for more on subtle drawings made me feel extremely peaceful. All questions were answered and all bliss was filled in my existence. I was focused to be one with my breathing. Thank you SSRF. Gratitude. Absolute unconditional love and inner purity to all of you!!!

– Mr. Arjun Mahajan, Country not known.

SSRF thank you for giving us info on what is imminent and I also read survival guide on your site. Many Seers also have predicted similar scenarios but not much practical info on survival is available except SSRF site. Thanks (Post on World War 3)

– Ms. Maya, country not known


June 2017

 SSRF Login

 Wow, your feedbacks are so simple to understand and practical to follow.  It’s a miracle how so many doubts and queries have been cleared by your answers and going through the website. I cannot express my gratitude in words., but will try my best to follow all your advice……. i chant everyday loudly and mentally. One day while chanting i thought of H.H Dr Athavale and H.H Avdhoot baba Shivanand. I got tears. After that there was a lot of motivation to keep on taking Gods name…….. with SSRF since there’s a team to follow up or look up to and ask questions the motivation to follow the spiritual path is very strong. Thank you so much.

– Mr. Keval Shah, Kenya

 Hello, I love this format where I can ask questions and get answers. Everything is on my page. All previous questions and answers, all material all links that are so quick, and great articles and superb diagrams! Absolutely wonderful! I wish you all the best! I wish I had access to this some years ago so I could have altered the course of events and started my spiritual practice long back… I have loads to tell you but I don’t know how to explain over here.

– Mrs. Tasneem Mahant-Shetti, India

SSRF Facebook

 Thank you to SSRF also for your page on quitting alcohol. I had been a daily beer drinker for many years now I have given it up completely and suddenly with no withdrawal symptoms which I find amazing. Two months ago I was drinking beer and sometimes using marijuana now I am drinking herbal tea and have given up all intoxicants.

– Mr. M H, Australia

I have read many of your web pages already. The pages you recommended, I have already read more than once. I got to let you know something I feel about you. Saint Yoya and her husband Saint Cyriaque would become a Role Model for whole world of seekers very soon. Many Western Models, Actors and Actresses, and many more western style people would be following the foot path they walk. Love You All.

– Ms. Samantha Mallikarachchi, Sri Lanka

FB German – 5-Star review: “Everything that I experienced in the spiritual dimension gets confirmed on your page and is leading me to more and more realisations. Much gratitude for your engagement. You have understood the signs of the current time.”

– Ms Jennifer Christen, (Country unknown)

May 2017

SSRF Login 

My whole life has changed thanks to SSRF. Thank u for helping me in hour of need. I was totally helpless , But u guys came like angels in my life n showed me God’s way. thank u thank u thank u.

– Mr. Tejas, Mumbai

Since the past few days I’ve been reading SSRF articles, and I love them. I’m basically a spiritual person, and often try to discuss spiritual topics whenever I get a chance. ……. I’ve started chanting “Sri Kuladevatayei Namah” and “Sri Gurudev Dutt” about  a month ago. I guess, the chanting and/or salt water treatment has started taking effect, though it might be too early for me to comment. Thank you.. It’s great to know that the Divine knowledge is verified by The Paratpara Guru, though there should be no doubt in anybody’s mind about the authenticity of the knowledge. This shows the level at which SSRF is working.

– Mr. Hemant Udawant, Nashik

SSRF Facebook

(Post : Realisation on the connection between the Law of Karma and the sky full of stars)

I don’t know why, but I found this most inspiring to walk a more brave and peaceful path a more, whatever happens happens and more carefree attitude… As i face some of the most trying horrible times of my life this year.

– Ms. Rhonda Stone US

April 2017

SSRF Login

 I just came across your website few days back accidentally and since then have been hooked to your site for wonderful articles you have posted here and also complete coverage related to Spirituality. And certainly helps the seekers who are taking baby steps in Spirituality and also for the seasoned seekers.

– Mr Somaiah, Bangalore

Namaskar. Firstly, I’d like to express my appreciation for hosting this informative site. I believe it will be very useful for many people who are interested in spirituality. By the way, I found out about  SSRF more than a year ago while surfing on some spiritual subject. I would say that SSRF is one of the best spiritual websites with a universal theme. SSRF presented the spiritual concept and philosophy with such clarity and it will be very useful for many seekers.

– Mr. Padmanath, Malaysia

SSRF Facebook

 Chanting works perfect for me, my busy schedule notwithstanding. Many thanks to your website!

– Mr. Terence, Cameroon 

Thanks for this revelation SSRF.  May the wise God increase your spiritual insights, dispelling ignorance among the reading public. I am personally glad I stumbled upon, your organization, because I have benefited a lot from your write up.

–  Name unknown, USA

March 2017

SSRF Login

I express my heartfelt thanks to SSRF for making the arrangements for me to receive the incense sticks in my area. I reside in Kolkata and am very new to SSRF. The people who helped me were extremely courteous and needless to say, the incense sticks are heavenly. I am extremely happy to have had a wonderful experience with the people and the incense sticks as well. Thanks again 🙂

–Aishani Mitra, India

SSRF Facebook

This definitely resonates with me. As I continue in my spiritual practice I have noticed an immense increase in Bhav. For the 1st time in years I expressed my love to God and gratitude for the internal changes that are now manifesting without. My spouse has shared how my compassion has increased and we even chanted together while doing salt water healing along with incorporating other healing methods. The home is much more peaceful. I include God in all aspects of my life. Within the 5 wks of studying under SSRF, doing my PDR, attending Satsangs, my process of becoming (merging with God/God realization), I am able to see more clearly of who I really am. I asked God how I can use my gifts to serve him and not even a week later I was presented with 3 opportunities. I am so excited about the Satseva opportunity. The more I seek the more God responds. I am loving my relationship with God.

-Ms. Cha Reid, USA

 February  2017

SSRF Google+

Great post. The concept of free will and destiny has been on my mind. Sometimes I feel like I am playing a role, following a script in the orchestrated drama of life and rebirth. My only objective being -to observe and experience. But then again. It appears that I have free will. Perhaps it’s a paradox. Something my physical mind can’t comprehend.

– Mr. G Moula (Country unknown)

SSRF Facebook

FB English – I am so grateful to have found the information in your website. Your articles are very interesting and they answered a lot of questions for me. I want to learn more and more. Thank you. I have been practicing spiritual advancement started learning this week and already things are going better. Thank you for your Divine knowledge. God Bless.

– Mr. Frances Missbosslady Cusmano (Country unknown)

SSRF Twitter

Huge thank you to @SSRFINC! You guys are the reason I can start my spiritual practice and keep evolving! Namaste

Connor @LoveFilledSoul

January 2017

 Login members

A Comprehensive Website for Answers to Spirituality Related Questions — Hari Om! I have been looking for answers to certain questions relating to spirituality & the website came up on a search engine; I found the website very good in answering questions on spirituality in a direct, easy to understand manner, without beating around the bush, without being vague or mystical about it; very convincing answers that i could easily relate to as a layman; I have shared the website with many persons who would benefit from the information provided on the website. Keep up the good work!

-Reader from Bharat

Thanks for answering my question related to my niece’s health problem. I did the Alum remedy for her from your ritual to cast off evil eye, now she is feeling well Your suggested remedies are very effective for recovering her health. Thanks a lot once again and best wishes for throughout your spiritual journey. Your thought is right that grace of God and Guru connected me to such a beautiful spiritual world through SSRF. I am thankful for all these good things. Thank you entire SSRF team. Your answer is beneficial to increase my spiritual knowledge. It is really helpful.

-Reader from Bharat


SSRF Facebook

FB Spanish : The video about love for others is very nice and the message is very profound. It motivates me to introspect more and ask myself ‘how much love do I really give to others’? ‘Am I giving it importance’? Realized that by giving love to others, we actually see how much love we feel for God.

– Mrs. Rosángel Jiménez, Dominican Republic

December 2016

 Login members

Awesome website!! – I am in love with this website considering the efforts that are put into research to validate intangible experiences into measurable facts. Tremendous effort to explain today’s world that which can’t be put into words. I am a student of esoteric science and practice various healing modalities… would love to stay always in connect with the website creators..☺

-Rinaa Daswal Sharma, Bharat

SSRF Facebook

FB English – SSRF has been the most genuine Guru for me. I live in a society full of superficiality. Very grateful for your organization that helps me see the verification of the Divine.

– Beena Patel (Country unknown)


November 2016

 Login members

I had done the salt water technique and I really thank you all SSRF team for such a wonderful self treatment to get relief from some unknown NEGATIVE ENERGIES which I was undergoing all these months. Now I am relieved at least by 25% just by doing 3 times only. And I am sure if do regularly I will get relieved totally.

– Mr. Pinto Dcruz, Hyderabad


The salt water remedy has worked very fast (But the spirit is still there. What else can be done for fast relief?). Thank you so much for your reply. It is not possible to get a reply for free -like you do. Elsewhere money has to be paid. I have done a lot of remedies and spent a huge amount on poojas and homas but the ritual which helped very fast was the salt water remedy. Thank you so much for ur interest. I think your site is inspiring naturally and the remedies suggested are motivating and also lot of viewers have shared….I have tried the  box remedy and it is unbelievable. I did it with a matchbox. There is something there I feel. Your response is very touching and unbelievable. Everything costs money. Even to ask questions and suggesting remedy is also not free. I am lucky to have come across this site. Thank you. Please send blessings to my family.

-Name withheld, India


Articles regarding prayers was very useful. From that day, I never asked God for materialist things. Better, I would say, that I did not think what to ask for.  I just pray to God to help me in my spiritual progress and accept my imperfect chanting & let me reside to His feet.

– Ms. Priyanka Ardekar, Kolahapur


Thanks for enlightening me with answers to my queries. I also respect H.H. Dr. Athavale and regard Him as my Guru. This is only because of SSRF’s efforts that I have started viewing every incident in my life from a spiritual perspective, because never in my life have I seen any person who has explained spirituality in such a simple and practical manner, so, I can understand that spirituality being science of the infinite is itself infinite. So, the more one explores it, the more one gets to know about it.

– Mr. Shubhampreet Singh, Kurukshetra

SSRF Facebook

FB English : Thank you for the links given. The website and link given explains a lot and clears a few notions. By reading this I feel I am on right track and can differentiate right from wrong- at least at my level.  I had been with this structure from childhood but didn’t get an exact direction to follow. My faith is that within days my guru will appear at right time.  Thank you once again.

– Mr. Prasanna Kabade, United Kingdom

 In response to the post –’ What is the best way to serve God’

I am posting SSRF articles on my page and also educating my family and friends who are implementing the beneficial elements into their lives…Thanks SSRF !!”

– Ms. Tamalini Rao, Bharat

October 2016

 Login members

Hello SSRF, I want to express my sincere thanks :). I was allergic to dust and was facing breathing and wheezing problems from long time. Doctors could not find the root cause medically and recommended tablets. It increased recently from a year. I was forced to take tablets almost every 2 days to overcome the wheezing problem. Upon referring to the SSRF site, I started chanting Sree Gurudev Datta. My wheezing problem got cured within 20 days and i have been seeing  a lot of positive spiritual changes. Have been doing spiritual practice for the past 2 years and feel the spiritual progress is happening more after chanting, Salt water treatment and Box treatment. Thank you SSRF 🙂

– Ms. Nandhan Manju, Bharat


I am thoroughly impressed by the immense information you have shared on the benefits of the Agnihotra therapy. It was a great surprise to know it can make a powerful impact in blocking the negative effects of the Nuclear radiation. I have many friends connected through whatsapp who are aware about Agnihotra and its benefits but not scientific aspects and on nuclear world war protection. Kindly release an article on how Agnihotra helps subside the nuclear radiation effect. I would want to share to 100’s of people and encourage them to do Agnihotra daily. This is the need of the hour considering our national border fights and want to support the universal energy by promoting Agnihotra. Thanks for your sincere efforts on building this article.

– Mrs. Ankitha Patil, Bharat


Thanks a lot for replying..i did some of the remedies suggested and my situation did improve a lot. I completed my degree well enough and now i have got a solid chance to pursue my dreams which i would not have had if i kept going the way i did. Negative factors don’t get to me as they did before and that relationship has no effect on me whatsoever. Chanting Sree Gurudev Datta helped me a great deal. I could feel some kind of good luck afterwards. i also followed some other things said on this website like lifestyle, food habits, hairstyle etc.

– Ms. Gayathri Warrier, Kerala


I have been chanting for two hours, and many many problems have been solved. (I suffered only hell. I specifically faced frightening problems, about which I cannot write to you as it would take pages and pages; all these problems miraculously disappeared after I followed your advice to chant for two hours each day.) Just wonderful.

SSRF has been rendering wonderful and very helpful advice to people who suffer like us. I’m sorry if I have been asking you many questions, but I have these doubts which only SSRF can clear. Your answers have been very helpful and actually I find the atmosphere at home is happy now- which was NEVER the case earlier. Thank you very very much.

– Mrs Subhadra Shankar, Secunderabad

SSRF Facebook

I have experimented with this suggestion while bathing and have found that showering in the cross legged position does indeed generate a type of childlike joy that is not replicated while standing up. Unfortunately most western showers are not designed to accommodate an adult sitting in that position, but if you try you can make it work.

– Ms. Shiloh Jaxen, Madison, Wisconsin


In response to the post on ‘Benefits of spiritual practice’

I totally agree with this. Spirituality is the reason I have already passed some of the biggest tests in life that I feel fulfilled to finish the karma that I was born to settle.

– Ms. Beena Patel ( Country Unknown)


I was attending a yoga class at yoga works and the instructor came over and he helped me with a shoulder stand. As I felt him put his hands on my shoulders I chanted loudly in my head “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasude vaya” and we both felt warmth and when I came up from the posture, there was a bright green Divine particle that appeared. I am so grateful to God and I am so grateful for your site and the knowledge you share.

– Mr. Randall T., California, USA

September 2016

 Login members

 Namaskaram Dear SSRF Team, thank you for the valuable advice. I’m practicing chant -Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya and Shri Gurudev Datta (for some time around 1/2 an hour). I experience a lot of inner peace and calmness. I’m able to chant through the day working with my routine. I pay gratitude to Lord Shri Krishna for such a great way. I plea to His Holiness Dr. Athavale and SSRF Team for their wonderful efforts, I feel, we are blessed to have share the time on earth with you.

– K.Kavilan A.Karuppiah, Malaysia

Thank you. I love spending my time reading any material spiritually related. I have studied a few important scriptures like Garuda purana, Narada neeti, vyasa neeti and re -read them very often. I also go through other upanishads, puranas not very deeply though. I understand that SSRF team explains why we should not do certain things, very well. The scriptures only tell us we should not do certain things in a certain manner. You have wonderfully explained why we should not. That is the reason I was drawn to your website. The shastras declare that all people should read, understand and behave accordingly and never question them.(probably because of the punishments they might have to undergo if they violated them). Is this true? SSRF is doing a really good work to help the people already spiritually inclined and also who are good though they might be knowing the value of spiritual upliftment. Thank you very much. I have already started chanting as you said , and in three weeks of chanting have found a big difference ( my problems HAVE COME DOWN).

Thank you SSRF very much once again.

– Subhadra Shankar, Secunderabad

The best part i like about your site is you don’t charge anything. In a world where spirituality has now become a joke, with quacks looting money in name of religion etc, I m glad i can rely on your website and you people.

-Manveen R, Mumbai

 SSRF Facebook

FB English: I have been chanting this (Shri Gurudev Datta) and played the download yesterday and chanted with it, it was very powerful. I could really feel a difference physically and mentally…Thank you for this free download.

– Ms. Christine Wood, USA

FB English: Thank you, that article is very useful! You are the only people I know who do spiritual research and present the findings in a clear, helpful, detailed way. Thank you for your excellent site. Yes, I found the SSRF site about 6 months ago, and have read all the articles and the blog. I was very pleased to find this facebook page, which is regularly updated! 🙂 I generally already know the things you write about, but there’s no-one where I live who would even believe anything I told them, so it’s wonderful to find other people like you who understand these things.

– Ms. Barbara R. Chalmers (Country unknown)

FB German:  (Post – What is Seekership) Thomas W., a curious, has nicely written, that he understands better now what it means to be a “real seeker” , as earlier he could not follow religious people, who said about self, they are “seekers of God”. Now, as per definition from SSRF he could identify himself as such and warmly welcoming seekers from soul to soul SSRF-seekers too.

FB Indonesian:  I have chanted Shri Gurudev Datta everyday, and i think the chant is like a remedy, although it is from India but the most important is the efficacy of the remedy. Thanks.

Mr. Zainal Wijaya

SSRF Youtube

I’ve been doing increasingly more and more chanting, and with time the meanings started getting clearer until sometimes I feel my mind chanting without my conscious effort. I haven’t done this before so I figured that’s why the negative effects happen, but they’re decreasing already so I don’t mind them, only this was new. I’d like to thank the SSRF team, what you’re doing is priceless. It feels awesome to do spiritual practice 🙂 Most of all thank God you exist. I think I’ve read most of your articles by now. Only the knowledge you clarify there, coming from a christian-ish background makes it a bit of a bitter pill to swallow, completely reshaping the idea on God’s forgiveness of sins.

– Mr. Curtis Jea Adams (Country unknown)

August 2016

I am very grateful to find this website and start doing my personal spiritual practice. I have been doing spiritual practice for almost 1 year. I feel a lot of changes in the way I look at life. A big thanks to all at SSRF.

– Mrs. Panji Setiawan, Denpasar, Indonesia

SSRF Facebook

I thought that with the salt water treatment I would not feel anything, just how one feels when taking a bath, or washes the hands, but after trying it I was impressed by how powerful this treatment is and derived spiritual cleansing.

– Ms. Yosdalys Lopez, Venezuela

SSRF Youtube

Video – Live an Aware Life

 A most excellent film worth watching again. Has me interested in furthering my sadhana with your practices. Migraines and lack of money have been lifelong issues. Will check out the site. Thanks and Regards.

Bhaktamcs (Real name and Country unknown) 

 Video – Salt water remedy

This is off subject, but I really like your voice and your accent. So peaceful to hear you speak. I have had so much violence from men in my lifetime, I really enjoy hearing one man who speaks gently and who speaks with integrity and kindness. This information is very useful to me as well. Thank you! Very nice channel! I subscribed! Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

– Molecularmoonlight (Real name and Country unknown) 

July 2016

I started chanting both the mantras twice daily for 10-15 minutes each along with nyaas. I downloaded some audios for the “Om Namo Bhagawate Vasudevaya” mantra also. When I started to chant the latter mantra for the first time, I found a tremendous peace within which I had lost years ago from when I was caught up in this problem (schizophrenia), I felt so much peaceful and some lightness in my stomach and navel region. So, I found your remedy very drastically helpful and effective. Then I chanted the “Sri Gurudev Datta” mantra and I found the same peace again and this mantra removed some fear from inside me, a great feeling again !!! Then after I followed this chanting with doing nyas daily, and I felt a great recovery which is not visible to others at this beginning stage but it is a very great feeling from inside. But I am sure others will also notice a great change and the original and successful me in the near  future.”

-Parth Brahmbhatt, Ahmedabad

I saw salt water remedy…and as per your suggestion I tried it too…and when I completed the salt water remedy my legs were literally lighter than before… It was just for some moments perhaps an hour or so but I felt like somewhat relieving…

Oh My God!! Its working!! Its really working thank you so much for the remedy…! Well you suggested me doing it twice a day for 15 days but unfortunately because of my work I did it for 10 days approx and that too not regular but for 10 days from the day I got the suggestion! And Yes Salt water Treatment works! At first I thought its taking time but I also don’t know when it stopped, I mean the sexual thoughts, and I feel like I am much better than before…Yes the water turned light brown twice or thrice and I saw its because of negativity… and also I started yawning every time when I did the Treatment.. As per SSRF yawning is good sign while legs are in water….

-A Reader, India


 SSRF Facebook

Thank you a lot. By knowing God and chanting mantra I am feeling very much peace and it gave me idea to approach any things quietly and to overcome problem easily. I think I have now an idea to control over ego, unhappiness by keeping my mind peace.

– Ms. Dip Waiba, Kathmandu, Nepal

SSRF Google+

  I chanted God’s name without realizing what I was doing. I kept doing it and wonderful things happened. The Lord’s name is very powerful. The experience took me by surprise. Thanks for this information and blessings ♡ – in response to post on what is the importance of faith in chanting.

– Ms. Mia,  (Country unknown)

SSRF Youtube

Video on fruit juice : I really enjoyed it! The series on beverages sealed the deal on my aversion to alcohol. I’m still working on coffee and tea. It has also encouraged me to pray before meals, something I’m still working on.

– Ms. Dana Bryant (Country unknown)

 Video on spiritual effects of alcohol : So Blessed and Amazed to discover this today….. Rarely do I bother signing in to comment… This is life changing in more ways than I care to attempt to articulate at the moment. Thank you for this brilliant work. This is a new level of knowledge, and confirmation of so much. Thank you for your work.

– Ketabird24 (Real name and region unknown)

June 2016

I feel somewhere SSRF can make a huge difference because it is not only alerting people but also giving them the remedies. SSRF is an eye opener. Hopefully it sustains n reaches to max.

 – Mr. Shawnn Kalon, Faridabad

SSRF Facebook

 Spanish FB : “… About the boxes (Box Treatment), it was fascinating because it removed something from my back. And when I put one around my head, where a tumor had been removed, and then near my ears, I felt a stinging type of sensation and an ugly chill. But the next day I felt like new …”

– Mr. Sebastian Alejandro Ortiz [Country unspecified]

SSRF Google+

  Amazingly explained.. Surprisingly the posts of your pages comes accurately on the subject as per my requirement or confusions and clears my doubts effortlessly… I wholeheartedly appreciate the way you put up and explain the things.. it seems quite natural and logical to me to believe . Thank you so much!!!

– Ms. Swati Roy, Pune, India

May 2016

I discovered SSRF about 18 hours ago and have spent all my waking hours reading the materials on the website, again thank you all.  So far I am impressed with the information and layout of the website, it makes complex concepts easy to understand.  To me it feels that the SSRF approach is more suitable to our current times and I feel relieved that it’s possible to make spiritual progress without the need to wake up within my dreams.

– Mr. Simon Hughes, Seacombe Gardens, Australia

April 2016

“ I want to thank you all for your wonderful website, the wonderful work that you are doing and also the wonderful piece of information and guidance that you impart to people. You don’t know what you have done to me. Almost everyday I thank God for making me come across your website (which I did while I was searching for a question on astrology and karma) or else I wouldn’t have understood the true meaning of spirituality. I have found so much inner peace and guidance in my life which was lacking earlier. I was going through a bad marriage but I am much immune to it now. I started spiritual practice last year in August following your guidelines. The best thing that has happened to me is that I receive answers to my questions almost instantly whenever I am communicating with God silently. Or I come across a relevant source that very day where I find my answers. I have even reduced asking God (Vasudev) for wordly things and want Him to go His way.

I have been chanting “Sri Kuldevatayai Namah”, “Sri Gurudev Datta” and “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” daily. Still, I can see rapid changes in my personality. I have set a very high standard for myself and each day I implement in myself what I commit. I even help others (my family and friends) by imparting information to them given on your website (I have read almost all the articles). Few have even started applying the methods.

– Mrs. Milky Agarwal, Delhi

SSRF Facebook

 My desire for God led me to SSRF. I couldn’t make sense of the Quran so I stopped reading it. I wanted to know what happens after death so I googled some words and I came across SSRF. Life hasn’t been the same after that. I chant a lot nowadays, and I pray to God when I wake-up and before going to bed. I am also making a lot of effort to change myself for the better and I know I still have a long way to go. I wish knew about spirituality when I was younger. It is hard to change when you are trying to change for the better. I’m thankful to God I came across SSRF”

– Mr. Shuaib Aiyekoti , Nigeria

I have suffered from Eczema ever since my childhood and it was a very painful experience. If not for SSRF I would be still be suffering and feeling hopeless. I followed the guidance given by SSRF strictly and now am totally cured of my Eczema which I thought I would have to suffer all my life. I used to feel inferior and used to hate myself and did not know what to do as the pain would aggravate during the night and most of the nights I was unable to sleep. I express gratitude to H.H.Dr.Jayant Athavale, the founder of SSRF and others who helped me overcome it through the prescribed chant and spiritual healing remedy. I sincerely request all those who are suffering or know others who are suffering to try the prescribed remedy which is a life saver and will bring you closer to God.

– Mr. Saideepak Gopinath, Middle East

 FB French :I love reading your articles, they have helped me to better understand the spiritual world, I got many of my answers through your articles”

– Ms. Sangeeta Vicky Neerunjun

SSRF Twitter

“God Bless the SSRF team . You will have to get used to RT and Shares because since I discovered your foundation I have been compelled to share and RT tweet and Facebook posts that I agree with and would like others to have a chance to read it in the hope that on a small scale I make a difference in others beliefs and moral standards….thankful for you”

– Ms. Mizzwholezipceo, USA

March 2016

Comments from Login members

“I am feeling some sort of peace inside me. I feel like my surroundings are also turning good. My hearty thanks to SSRF. It is guiding me on the right path. I thank God for showing me this way. Feeling good. Along with me, even my family members are trying to spread the word about this spiritual practice. My mother-in-law is also very happy with spiritual practice. She is experiencing inner peace. She told me to convey her gratitude to SSRF. We are also using SSRF products. The SSRF Incense sticks are too good. Everybody feels good. Thank You SSRF.”

– Mrs. Hemavathi Vijayaraaj, Bangalore


As per your guidance I have been, for at least one week, chanting the Family Deity name for 2 hours both morning and evening, and Shree Gurudev Datta for at least 4 hours mostly verbal but sometimes listening. Am also doing salt water remedy with sea salt once a day. The result is very impressive I have not felt so good in a long time. The head pressure is still there but has reduced a lot at least by 40 percent. I have also changed my life style to some extent. I am thinking to do salt water remedy twice a day from now. Thank you very much for the guidance it has been very beneficial. Any further guidance will be helpful.”

– Mrs. Sandeep kaur, Seattle

SSRF Facebook

 Thank you infinitely. Today was my first satsang. We attended a satsang conducted by a Peruvian lady who lives in Canada. Super love. And how beautiful the content of what they have learned. May God cares. I feel blessed. Millions of thanks

– Mr. Ximena Ayo Caso, Bolivia

Thank you SSRF you are 100% absolutely right!!! I have been studying this for some time now with my own personal problems and have found a solution, which is spiritual solution, that is the only way!

–  Mr. Ravi Jagdeo, USA

Thanks so much, I always wanted some one to guide me through my spiritual growth but I am proud that I found u guys. I look forward to seeing a change in my life…

– Mr. Don Prox Dx – Arua, Uganda

SSRF Twitter

Never thought that a simple box can be a spiritual tool to remove black energy

– Inside Dweller, USA

Your tweet clarified the general vision I had about Guru’s supervision. Think that most people do it. Good article!!

– Mr. Giulianno Molina, Brazil

February 2016

I feel like I learned more from your website than I learned from all my years in school. Thank you for sharing this invaluable knowledge. It’s also a kind of validation for what I already thought.

 – Mrs. Amanda Neumann, Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA

Dear SSRF Team, I wish to express my gratitude to you for putting together this beautiful site and publishing the spiritual information selflessly for the benefit of people like me. I have been going through a very rough patch in my life and your wonderful site is really helping me heal myself. Sometimes the information is within your divine self but you need some divine affirmation/intervention from the outside and this site is exactly what I needed. In today’s world people only tell you the symptoms of your problems but nobody is keen to suggest a cure. This site is definitely all that one needs to advance spiritually. I look forward to attending the upcoming Satsangs. Thanks a bunch. Much love!

– Ms. Pra Ti, Singapore

I am very grateful to you and SSRF after getting such reply. I have learn a lot on your website, which helped me a lot. I am also very happy to receive your response. At present, I am a student but I will definitely do something for SSRF and humanity in my future. Thanks again ma’am. Thank you specially. Nice time to you.

– Mr. Suraj Suman, New Delhi

SSRF Facebook

 Dear SSRF…..Jai Gurudev and good morning!! Some days ago I happened to come across your invaluable (beyond value) article regarding chanting and meditation….especially, the difference between chanting and meditation! It was so true, appealing, informative and knowledgeable! Thanking you.. with warm regards! J

-Mr. Dipak Jain, Nashik

It’s been very nice and inspiring to read your articles about subtle phenomena and the importance of spiritual practice where you put so much emphasis on chanting of the Holy Name of God. I appreciate your spiritual work of educating and encouraging people very much. It is so much needed in the age of Kali.

– Ananda Vrindavana Campu Dasi, Australia


I think you understand me more than most others. We will talk again.

– Mr. Kristian Ayre, Australia

 SSRF Google+

Thank you very much for posting, I feel so inspired to follow my spiritual journey with contentment and joy through your posts.

–  Ms. Jean Chafa- , Birmingham,UK

SSRF Youtube

I am coming close to completely stop drinking alcohol ~ and seen many changes in my spiritual gifts…and clarity of mind. Your posting is excellent and I am thankful for having run across it!!

– Ms.  Kelly Lindberg, USA

December 2015 & January 2016

SSRF’s personal approach is a gift

“I am so grateful for an organization that so freely shares information and knowledge especially on personal quests. I cannot thank you enough for your personal interactions with Seekers. Spiritual Direction is very confusing in this digital age and SSRF taking on this personal approach is a tremendous gift you are giving. You will find many questions from me in the future I am sure. If I can do something for SSRF other than simply donating money please tell me. I can produce videos. I am a college instructor of media and communication. I would be happy to help the SSRF if that’s ever desired.”

– Mrs. JESSIE FARLEY, Rehoboth Beach, USA

What would you do with a fortune that you got for free ?

“Firstly I would like to say again because this is how I feel that the love you people are bestowing on defective people like us is immense. Love to all and all be blessed those who have taken refuge in the creator of whole universe God. You are serving society for free and no one in this society does this moving seva. And now I would thank you because you have brought me closer to God. It is like giving out wisdom that will get you happiness beyond any other materialistic happiness. It is like giving 100 crore rupees for free. What would a person do if someone got 100 crore rupees for free? He would thank them again and again. Again and again”

– A Reader 

Please share what i have to say, it may be helpful to someone

“Sadar Namsakar!! I have connected with SSRF from last one year. Before joining SSRF, i was a very egoistic personality, i was cruel, i would panic about little things,  i used to be argumentative & those arguments would be converted into fights. I used to fight with God, God you can’t do anything i don’t believe in you etc. etc.

With the help of SSRF, now i am completely a changed personality, calm, peaceful, believing in GOD. I can’t imagine my day without spiritual practice without chanting. I connect myself with God all the time, i am so much more positive in all situations. Faith, love in God is going to increase with the help of chanting. Even those who are bad to me, i don’t even think bad of them.

The biggest problem was insomnia for me, i always felt so sleepy during office hours. I was frustrated due to this. i couldn’t work properly, always felt sleepy, was so much of a lazy person. I always used to compare myself with others, i used to feel i am good for nothing. But with chanting these problems have been completely solved. Now i don’t feel sleepy during working hours, i don’t compare myself with anyone because now i know God has created us & we are each best in our own way. If we are comparing our-self with others, we are disrespecting God, who has created us. I advise to all please chant & change your life. Yes anybody can change his/her life & get rid of material obstacles, can get peace of mind, can be satisfied in what God has given. Yes world need to change, need to become more spiritual. I love spirituality. Spirituality has completely changed my life, completely changed my way of thinking about life. Chanting has completely changed me. I have discovered a new & real me. I will advise to all who will read, please start chanting & see the miracles, one more thing it will not happen easily or so early but have faith & start waking on the path of spirituality. God will reveal himself when He sees your efforts are true & pure. One advice from me, anyone can chant any God’s name, but one who wants to see change quickly must try to chant Lord Shree Krishna’s name. “Aum Namah Bhagvatye Vasudevaye” the most powerful mantra. Please share my story with others, it may helpful for someone. Thanks”

– Ms. Gopika Sharma New Delhi

SSRF Facebook

 Realising i have the potential to Change and to Help 

“Thank you so much! I am just starting to realise the potential in me to change and help those around me! I am a novice, but I did read the entire website over and over again. The knowledge you are sharing with the rest of the world is wonderful and I hope that this website always stays online, it is a beacon of hope for people! Also thanks a bunch for the article! Forever grateful!”

– Mr. Boris, Europe

” It’s just a miracle in my life. I am blessed to have them and gain their teachings . I am really thankful to my time and destiny to have them in my life as it’s made such a positive impact in my life. Thanks – a very humble thanks.”

– Mr. Scott Hurt, Australia

“Spiritual science is just everything. My teacher, my healing, peace, strength and above all, science of spirituality has shown me the way to self realization”

–  Goodluck Joyhills, Kenya

“ The SSRF has the best spiritual literature I’ve ever read. They also have incense which has been a blessing in my life. They also have very helpful answers to questions you may have as a spiritual seeker.”

– Mr. Brian McGuire, Wellington, Florida, USA

“ It is hard to express gratitude in words, I do spiritual practice every day and I will do my best to spread spirituality in my place. Only God will get it done through His seekers. Thank you so much for all you have done 🙂 Namaskar :)”

 – Mr. Fransiskus Aji, Indonesia

“Namaskar SSRF team,  Chanting is going good..because of chanting many changes have come in my thoughts..and my mind always remains relaxed and positive and my inner knowledge is also increasing…”

– Ms. Ayushi Mohan, Bihar

“ You are like a shade in this heat of Kaliyug like Shriram had said to Hanuman in Tretayug that only spiritual practice and chanting will be the only path to cross this sea of life!! You are always in seva to make us cross this sea of life …for that millions of thanks to you. Each update of yours is for the welfare of humankind”

– Mr. Himanshu Kumar Solanki, Sonipat

November 2015

It would be an honour to do seva

“I have read the entire website. I have been on it from past few weeks and I must say I hit a gold mine. I am thankful to GOD who brought me in touch with SSRF. My spiritual practices are aligned with the six basic principles described by H.H. Dr. Athavale.  I am saddened to learn that He is not keeping well and I pray for His recovery. Please let me know of anything that would be required of me, I shall feel honoured to be able to do seva. I really appreciate your help and I am thankful to you again and again. May GOD bless you. Thank you.”

– Mr. Harbans Singh, Bangalore

“Hello, I am writing to convey my deep gratitude to the SSRF team for explaining so many invaluable spiritual concepts. I have been a reader of this website on and off for the past few years. I like how the SSRF website has explained the reasoning behind so many traditional Hindu practices. I don’t completely understand the subtle picture diagrams you draw and there is a definite component of (blindly) trusting your research as my sixth sense is not yet developed sufficiently. However, I do find the link between the topics you explain and Sanatan dharma. I especially find the sections on Satva/Raja/Tama, afterlife, daily living articles (what to eat, clothes, hairstyles etc) and World War III very interesting.

SSRF is one of the main motivations behind me incorporating certain lifestyle changes (to varying degrees). For example, I try to not leave my hair loose – most of the time I plait it or tie it in some way. I have almost eliminated the color black from my wardrobe. Most importantly, I realize the importance of chanting in spiritual development and try to incorporate it into my life. I have (still do) struggled with a lot going on in my head/mind guilt because of unwanted thoughts, fear of ghosts etc. Reading about the spiritual causes of problems and negative energies and so on, gives me a better idea about what might be going on. Maybe it\’s not really a negative energy causing these issues in my case? Whatever the answer, chanting God’s name is a way for me to purify myself. Your section on personality defect removal can help me to overcome my spiritual weaknesses like anger, greed, hate and so on.

I am not able to write down my entire feelings into this comment section, but I again want to thank you all for helping us in our spiritual journey! May God bless you in this endeavor! “

-Mrs Divya B. Pittsburgh US

SSRF Facebook

“I have read all your posts and its your page and website only that opened my mind and i realized whats going on with me. U made me aware of my ancestral trouble. I used to see a snake in my dreams. like an evil snake. ur research only helped me discover it was kala nag. In the pictures of ghosts u have described, i have seen. their eyes and teeth. i see shadows around me. i chanted Shri Guru Dev Datta. I actually can’t chant more than a few minutes. I get distracted and develop breathlessness sometimes. So i listen to the audio recording of the chant sometimes. I also hear Om chanting for 21 minutes. i do ur black salt therapy everyday. i immediately feel better after that. but its temporary relief. yes i experience sleep paralysis often. i have a Guru myself and take their help. i also suggest u to mention the protection offered by Family deity /Kuldev is v strong. Thank u for opening the eyes of people like me. any more questions u have formed for ur research ? God bless your team !!

– Ms. Ashwini Shenoy, Bharat

Hello 🙂 The article is lovely. Something that I was aware about but you brought in more clarity. Thank you for imparting knowledge and wisdom. About a year back while browsing through spiritual articles I stumbled upon your website and for two days I was glued to your website and finished reading all the articles.

– Ms. Karuna P Bhatia, Bharat

“Thanks. Anything spiritual like this improves spiritual knowledge among readers. When they mingle with people they mention what they have read here.”

– Mr. Nachimuthu Jayakumar, Bharat

SSRF on Youtube

SSRF Video on Vegetarian Vs Non- vegetarian diet

 I’ve been back and forth on the vegetarian vs meat debate (I love meat) and know from a moral point of view, being vegetarian is the wiser choice, but what concerns me even more (and I love animals) are the SPIRITUAL ramifications of eating meat. Until now, I knew eating meat lowered my vibratory frequency, hampered my meditation efforts, clogged my system and slowed it down, but I never knew about the NEGATIVE SPIRITUAL VIBRATION and forces that accompany meat. You gave me the missing ingredient for becoming a vegetarian with no regrets and no backing out. Thank you. Namaste!”

-Wesley Graham

SSRF Video on Spiritual Research on the effect of drinking Fruit Juice

Spiritual Science Research Foundation I study your website frequently, and I started to put into practice the lessons for a few months and I am continuing. I chant all day, do the Salt Water Spiritual Remedy, I study the Holy texts and follow the basic principles of spiritual practice. I share on facebook the posts that I find on your website and invite everyone to visit your site. Twice a month I go to a center of pranic healing close to my house and help people with health problems. I changed my lifestyle and diet to follow a sattvik life. I want to serve humanity, get out of samsara and achieve liberation (moksha). I give up all the fruit of my actions and offer them to the Supreme God (since I am not the agent of the action, but the silent witness). I offer my respects, thoughts, words and actions to the Supreme Truth, the son of Vasudeva, Bhagavan Sri Krisnha. I am his devotee, his servant, his friend and his lover. I still have a lot to do, but I am on the right path. Thank you again for the wonderful video and spread the knowledge. Blessings to all of you. Atma namastè”

 – Mr. Stefano Bagaglio

October 2015

“ After practising chanting God’s name according to my religion and practicing the spiritual healing remedy for 6 months , i noticed enormous changes in my life. I went on vacation for 3 weeks camping from Ontario to Alberta. Also have all kind of great things happening to me or around me “

– Mr. Gerard Demers, Cochrane, Canada

“ I had an experience last night which I shared in the Satsang and as Tina suggested to me I am sending this experience. Last night after office, my colleague and I was crossing from somewhere with my motorcycle. It was so dark there. While turning we crashed into a concrete roadblock which shouldn’t have been there. I was the rider and my colleague was sitting behind me. As I wasn’t ready for this roadblock and saw it late, I couldn’t do anything, So we had no choice and crashed into it and the motorcycle turned and we fell down. I was dragged on the ground and my colleague was thrown in the air for some meters and fell down again. Before all these I was repeating the Universal chant. If you see the motorcycle you would definitely think that if we didn’t die then for sure our spinal cord would have been cut off and were left paralysed. But gratitude to God, except some abrasion and bruises of our body, nothing happened. Even my colleague said it was like somebody moved me so as to not hit the ground with my back and head. After this happening I experienced that I understood this sentence that chanting lightens the bad destiny. It was a very good feeling. When other colleagues came they thought that I am sad and wanted to sympathize with me but I was really feeling joyful from within.”

– Mr. Mohsen A. Tehran, Iran


-Mr. Saikiran Choppari, Hyderabad

“Thank You for your Valuable Answers,,, World is in Chaos already!!! It is Being Spread all over the world very Quickly Now a Days!!! You Advise Everyone to Follow the Spiritual Path, Shows your Sympathy towards Human Beings”

-Mr. Mahendra Reddy, Bangalore

SSRF Facebook

 “I’ve been following SSRF since 2012 when I google searched for spiritual experiences. Everything this website says is true. I can say this because I love God and I try my best to be near God. And my heart has never disagreed with anything written on the SSRF website. Keep up the good work . Growing up I used to think like in ancient times there were Gurus , good people worshipping God – all that had finished now. But SSRF has given hope. God bless everyone involved in this service . May every human being be influenced by this good service towards God.”

– Mr. Rashke Heena (country not known)

 i love this site… great reminding and refreshing my entire being…

– Mr. Shambo Sanna, London, England

I’m very blessed to find your site. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing knowledge and spiritual teachings. Atma namastè

–Mr. Stefano Bagaglio, Italy

 “I truly appreciate this site…its really motivating me and make me realize my wrong n right..God bless and big up.”

–Mr. Allan Mingusa, Italy

“Thank you so much for the response sir/mam. I have been a follower of your page as well as your site since long. I saw the real life experience presented by you about Mr. Sameer who was eczema patient and how he got cured after he chanted Shree Gurudev Datta.

– Ms. Aparna Khammammettu, Bharat

“Really this method solved most of my problematic situations, people who used to get angry with me are now in my favour!!! All the negative things and situations are slowly turning into positives in my life !!! I m doing it frequently.. Thank you so much.”

– Mr. Ankit Shah, Bharat

“Dear sir, very pleased that you are taking care of me. I pray to Shri Gurudev Datta and my Kuldevi while doing the salt water remedy. I am glad to inform you that for the past three days I have been doing the salt water therapy at least twice a day….and am feeling very much better then earlier. From the very first day it has been very effective and after a long time I am experiencing the original freshness and confidence in me. I have suggested the same to my wife, daughter and son. They have started from today.”

-Mr. Dinesh Pandya, Bharat

SSRF Google+

 “Ameen. A blessed channel this is. It has been going up and then down. I chanted Gods name for his compassion and mercy. I feel better since, and I shall make my way to the top once again, but this time, I will stay there, and avoid my addictions. Thank you SSRF for your beautiful content. May the Infinite Catalyst reward you and guide us all to the straight path. Ameen”

–Mr. G Moula, (country not known)

September 2015

 Your service is nothing but worshiping God : Your website content is really helpful for everyone. Please continue guiding people who are in distress . You are doing nothing but worshiping God by doing this noble service.

– Mr. Dev raj, Greater London

Divine Intervention

Thank you. Gods Divine intervention has directed my day…

– MS. Leana Copperfield, Utah, USA 

 I will try the remedies and I will continue chanting. Thank you so much for your help! I was having a very hard time before. I still worry that my spiritual problems were worse after I quit chanting than they were before I started. But I am okay now, most importantly! 

– Mr. Michael Guider, USA

You are helping me so much 

Your website is absolutely fantastic! Extremely informative and helping me so much right now on my Spiritual journey.

-Moonwhite, from Twitter 

Please publish this 

Hi, My shoulder pain from last 7 years got healed by salt water therapy. Can you publish this on your site?

– Arvind Kuhar, Faridabad

 I liked the following about SSRF : 

1) You have not marketed too much of the founder.
2) You put the issues so scientifically.
3) You are not like any other organization that have mushroomed over the years to promote themselves for their own hidden motives.
4) You dont impart any personal Guru Diksha. ( Common in today’s guru’s and Babas)
5) You just focus on one’s personal spiritual growth and don’t force them to join any new cult.

– Mr. Abhishek , Uttarakhand

Genuine in your endeavour to help people : Dear SSRF Team, My heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved in this website. I truly feel this website is a Gift to the world. The useful information, helpful guidelines, the immense wealth of knowledge given to us is truly a wonderful guiding light. I also love the way in which your articles are written. They are used as guides, and in them they ask the reader to TRY to do it as per the article, instead of forcing the reader to make sure they adhere to those methods.

I have also asked questions on this forum and I was delighted to have received an answer within a day. And the person who answered my question was pleasant and polite. Even though I saw my question was already answered on the website in article I read afterwards, she still took the time and effort to answer me. I am also amazed at the attention to detail on every article. I love that the articles connect to other relevant articles which would also be helpful and the diagrams. There is so many reason I love this website. Not only do I feel the infinite knowledge gained, this website is genuine in their endeavour to help people. Genuinely, truly and honestly help people in the Spiritual pursuit. I thank you for the amazing website.

– A reader

Relaxed sleep : I started the salt water treatment, for the first day I felt nothing. From the second day I got throat pain (happens always when I get fever and can’t swallow food) I got this pain, I controlled the pain by gargling. I did it only once everyday at night before sleep . And now although I get dreams I feel relaxed while sleeping.

– Mr. Tarun Sarode, Bangalore  

Yes I would like to join. Please let me know when is the satsang & the time also. I’m from Malaysia. I was a meat eater & now i turned to be vegetarian. May God show me the right path. Om Shanti. Thanks

– Mrs. Sharanee Balakrishnan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

That sounds really good… I live in hostel but somehow manage to chant. But i speak the truth, i do feel so much nearer to God.

– Mr. Akhil Modgil 

SSRF thank you very much. I exercise many spiritual practices, and chanting is one of them. Thank you for your offer, bless you.

– MS. Estee Levinson, Florida, USA

August 2015

Feeling a change : “ First of all I am feeling great! I have been feeling and seeing a huge difference since I started the chanting.”

-Zenobia Nanan, Trinidad and Tobago

Beyond Religions : “Thank you so much again for answering me and for providing such a great resource for people (regardless what man made title (religion) they claim to be).”

– Ms. Tatyana Salas, Moldovan in origin, Residing in USA

SSRF is Incredible, Fear vanishes : “ I got to know SSRF from my friends who have interest in spirituality. He diligently looks for articles about spirituality on the Internet. He happened to find SSRF articles on the internet and liked its contents and shared the article to me. I also became interested and started reading the articles on SSRF site. The first impression I got was that I feel SSRF is incredible; a lot of my doubts about God were answered. I used to have a doubt about Absolute Truth as there are many religions in this world and many problems/ conflicts also happened in the name of religion. I am very grateful to God for the presence of SSRF, I have no more fear and doubts about my future.”

– Mr.Fransiskus Aji, Bandung, Indonesia

Experiencing  a higher state :  I started chanting my kuldevi’s chant, I felt my mind was completely empty no thoughts…. after few minutes I was kind a unable to breath. I felt no need to breath in or out.. I don’t know how much time I remained in this state and after sometime i stopped. Later I found on internet that it was a kriya called breathless state. I am very happy that I did it and first time achieved it.

– Sourav Bhamnia, Chandigarh

Feeling Blessed with Knowledge from SSRF : I was browsing through regarding negative energy for my sister and this website came up, and from the time I started reading the articles in this website, I truly believe this website has been God sent to me. I find the information invaluable, and as I read more and more, I feel like I am being blessed with more and more information.We have had some situations which we could not understand, and articles from your website did make so much of sense. I felt the ancestors article really made so much sense. I feel blessed by your friendly warm, wonderful response.

– Ms. H, (Request to not print name), India

Eager to practice advanced healing techniques : I have been using the salt water remedy and am chanting for the past 9 months. i want to share my experience here. Whenever i do it i start yawing and there are tears in my eyes. Normally i do the salt water remedy for 30 minutes. After some days of practice i started the box remedy and Divine sounds which i found are superior to the salt water remedy. After 2 months i.e, one day while reading the SSRF website where given as touch, taste ,smell, hear energy co-exist i have got a idea and taken a printout of images of Deities and made them stick to my body which given good results than previous remedies and next i have stuck H.H.Athavale photo too with Deities pictures and this made me to concentrate on my studies, removed unwanted thoughts, removed negative thoughts, having happy state of mind. After coming across advanced healing techniques a doubt has rose in my mind whether is it right to fix Deities’ pictures. So i have sent the message please guide me with necessary instructions, can you please tell me about advanced healing methods.

– Mr. N. (Request to not print name), India

Practice makes it easier :Since I have begun chanting, it has become easier and I do it more often. Especially when I am stressed out! I am feeling the benefits! ”

– Mrs. Karen Siracco, Georgia, USA

Unaffected when Chanting : “Yes I experienced it myself. I am speaking the truth with no fake facts. All this is possible because of SSRF’s guidance. Only those can understand the SSRF’S topics who have gone through these spiritual experiences, good as well as bad. I do chant and sometimes mind continuously chants even if I want to stop. It doesn’t get affected by other things, rather by chanting with concentration distractions are more. This is the irony I realized.”

– Mr. Akhil Modgil, India

Grateful for genuine help : “Thank you for replying to me… unlike other organizations who just promote themselves but never try to help people. i have followed your instruction by doing japs, ‘Om nama Shivaya’ continuously with a mala. In the beginning i was having some resistance, feeling, heavy, tired and sleepy.. but felt much better when it was completed. ”

– Mr. Shanish Angelfire 

Teachings essential for Humanity : “If God was speaking He would thank you from the heart for your intensive work on spirituality as they are essential for the development of humanity  and must be guided by basic rules with a good meaning dictated by sages such as those who give you the teachings available for your site.”

-Satchi Seethanen, Réunion island, France  (SSRF French FaceBook)

July 2015

Interested in attending 5 day course :I found your website as I was searching ways to clean my energy body and one thing I have been doing is the salt and water to clean my “dark energy” as you call… So, I am very interested in taking the course (5 Day courses) and would be willing to learn more with your institute. I hope I am a good candidate. Thank you for your time.”

-Mrs. Carolina de Gaia, Sao Paul, Brazil

Yearning for God :Thank you. I am chanting both (Religion of birth and Shri Gurudev Datta). My quality of sleep has improved. The odors are less unlike before. When i chant i get pain, odours, colds and goosebumps, but when i persist it reduces. i also do salt water. When i start praying it taps on the ceiling or does something. My desire is to find God’s grace more than before. i yearn for God for now i know there is great evil, and so our God is the truth. Pls lead me more that i may be liberated to joy in our God

                                                                                                  – Ms. Emmy Ombonya, Nairobi, Kenya

Your help means so much : Thank you I will do this (Chanting and Salt water remedy) on a regular basis. I really appreciate all your help and advice. It means do much to me.”

                                                                                                                         – Ms. Karen Kandola, UK

Giving life to one who had lost everything : God bless you and your team. You people will win one day and all will follow your path. You are really giving life to one who had lost everything. My soul is your runi (indebted to you) – runi means aabhari (in gratitude)”

– Ms. Sapna Sandhu (Location not given)


Being saved from an accident :After interacting with you in the last 10 days, following the suggestions / advice given by you, continuing the chanting, feeling the positive effect, shared with the family as well – wife & son, and also with friends, and some have shown interest. Today while driving to office from home tried to overtake a mini-truck and saw suddenly a bus coming from opposite side, and it was with divine grace that the other vehicles gave way so I could easily manoeuvre and was narrowly saved. Please suggest me the ways to improve / increase my practice. At that moment I was shocked a bit and later I thanked the almighty, and suddenly thoughts of family came to my mind. Before that, while driving, I as usual i had put on the devotional music / devotional songs, and I became emotional, tears started flowing…..”

                                                                                                          -Mr. Gangadhar Uppin, Bengaluru

Sharing this website with friends : I became crazy wanting to read  this website. Really you are doing well and awesome. Huge and huge content which I really have no time to read. Awesome explanations on the way to reach God. After i saw this website I really felt happiness in my mind. Because i am having trouble with my current job.
After i read some article, i stopped worrying about my future life and job and only have thoughts about spirituality. I already had much devotion for Deities. But after i saw the spiritual level I could see  where I stand and am eagerly trying to increase my level. Also I have shared this website with many of my friends, parents and those who have interest in spirituality and they also have started reading it. Really awesome. Please continue the same and wishes for further improvements.”

                                                                                                                   – Mr. Aswin Kumar, Madurai

June 2015

There are no coincidences : Reading at article “I have recently started chanting, i have felt peace and calm and some times i do feel distress. Thank you for this (post about why sometimes we feel distress when we start chanting), but there are no coincidences, i was meant to read this! It does help though, cuz i had stopped chanting when i felt distress”

                                                                                     Mrs. Karen Siraco, McDonough, Georgia, US  

Gratitude :(Spiritual Science Research Foundation) thank you for your kindness & help. I will try to do what you have told me (chanting) thank you again & God bless you.”

                                                                                                     – Mr. Abbas Alaboodi, Baghdad, Iraq

After reading about Agnihotra : Was doing (Agnihotra) regularly but nowadays now and then….but I do wish to spread this ritual to many people so that this spreads to a large area…may Guruji’s blessings be with me ….when I utter something about HIM, i feel immense love and reverence and devotion to the supreme God…. ”

                                                         – Ms. Vrinda Vijayalekshmi Kochukrishnan, Trivandrum, Bharat

No questions left :I have no questions left in my mind, & I feel that I am going onto the right path of spiritual practice and your suggestions, support, guidance has played key role in this whole understanding and progress. I will be obliged to you all my life.”

 – Mr. Amit Kumar, Ahmedabad

Headache vanishes : Yesterday when i was browsing to know the purpose of life, i visited this site and read some topics. It really helped me a lot to understand about Spirituality. Thank you so much! Today morning i was suffering severely with headache and vomiting sensation. Then i thought to divert my mind by hearing songs, applied pain balm to forehead, but it did not work well. Then i thought to read this site. Today was reading through the topic of Gaining spiritual experiences and studied some of the seeker’s experiences. About 20 minutes i spent in studying some series of topics related to this. Suddenly i realized that my head ache had vanished and i could not even imagine that i had a headache. Thanks for the wonderful service offered by this site. Thanks to God for giving me an opportunity to be a member of this site. I am really happy with your efforts and being a member.”

-Ms. Thivya R,Tiruvallur, Bharat

May 2015

Feeling protection and calmness : “Since i started (chanting), few months ago..first 5 minutes…i felt it, the difference, calm , clear thought…since then a growth and feel of protection…also need for it…like food…but time does not always permit…i’ve grown from 5 min to 2 separate session of 30 min 2 x day.. no steady schedule, i chant SGD (Shree Gurudev Datta) and the God of my religion name…what is this “Bliss” that you talk about…can you describe this feeling…? “

– Mr. Philippe de Peralta, Manila Philippines

Wanting to actively serve : “Hari Om. I am Ximena, I am in Bolivia, South America, I am a follower of your foundation, how useful, how certain are all the knowledge that you share, I want to say Thank you, I am so interested about to be an active member. So I need to know more about, If it is possible let me know please, Regards “

– Mrs. Ximena Ayo Caso, Bolivia, South America

Realising to true purpose of Human life : “Best ever spiritual organization. You are doing such a good work by guiding people about their main aim of life otherwise nowadays people think of earning more and more money as their main aim of life. By the guidance of organization like yours many people are getting interested in spirituality. i too thought of becoming a big personality by earning more and more money as my main aim of life but now with your guidance i came to know human’s life main purpose is to grow spiritually. Under your guidance i have started my spiritual practice according to six basic principle.”

– Mr. Subham Thakur, Chamba

Sharing articles with friends : “Thank you very much again, for answering my questions…, because of you I have been able to solve many doubts I had in life. I could say that after my mother passed away, I really wanted to find answers (about the after life) and often read books, browsed the internet and then found an SSRF article about Life after death. This article has helped me to be able to accept the situation… it made sense. I then developed an interest to read many articles and tried to slowly understand them. Many of SSRF articles are very interesting and are actually very helpful, I also like sharing the link (to the articles) with my friends so that many more people are aware.”

– Ms Rensy Elly, Tangerang, Indonesia

Confusion transforms to motivation : “Dear SSRF team, Thank you very much for the answers to my questions. What has been described above is very helpful. At least, I do not feel confused anymore with the life that I live now. I’ve also read all the articles on this website (SSRF site), I am grateful to have typed ‘life after death’ in google search engine and then stopped by this website. Reading everything written on this website gives me more motivation to get closer to God.”

– Ms.RirinDyani, Bandung, Indonesia

Intense study of this website : “At least 80% of my doubts have been clarified due to an intense reading of your site. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart.”

–   A reader, Concepción, Chile

Relief from ugly visions : “I see many white dress saints around with open eyes, they beat black dress lady and ask them to leave my body and home. I am seeing these things since 15 years but before whenever I start my prayers in a church, I cannot pray and chant regularly, because my problem increases at that time, and Pastor’s prayer gives relief for a little time, but it is not the best help. But now your treatment method helps me to keep my praying and chanting regular. I am not completely fit but get great relief by your service. Thanks for all.”

– Ms. Priyaankaa Hiteshi, Bathinda  

In complete gratitude : Thanks for your fast response. I have no better words to thank you for guiding me on my current predicament. Will always be grateful to SSRF for this guidance. May Divine Mother shower her choicest blessing on you and SSRF. Continue your good work. I know mere thanking and good words will not help to sustain an organisation, so I will donate within my means, soon after this post.

– A seeker, Singapore 

At Home even when far away : “Thanks for your amazing website and your amazing organization. I hope if I have to be reborn again I am reborn in India so I am closer to Saints and amazing temples and ashrams because it is hard for me to find devotees and also temples because of my present situation, and its hard for me to travel long distances at the moment.”

 – Ms. Madhavi White, New Zealand

Deep and wide : “It was very nice to see the spiritual information on your website, feeling great to see such a deeper and clear explanation about the spiritual practices. Great selection of subjects which covers each and every aspect like Spirituality, Health, Universe, Solutions, Social issues, Global issues and so on! “

– Mr. Vijayaraaj Sundhararaj, Bharat

April 2015

Appreciation : “Thanks for your website, it is very informative and bravo for all the research you are doing. Thanks for your quick answers and for being so helpful!”

– Ms. Sylvie Arantxa, USA

Understanding the link with daily life : “I’m grateful to have you help me because before I didn’t believe in spiritual matters. The website is very beneficial and helps me understand that the spiritual realm affects us on a daily basis.”

– Ms. Jordana Nogo (alias name), USA

Awesome Website : “I found SSRF when i search about ‘angel wings’ in Google, then i read other pages (articles) and decided + realized this is (SSRF) awesome website & organization :)”

– Mrs. Leonard Chang, Indonesia

OCD steadily improving :  “I am performing spiritual practice as you told on website, Datta chanting, Kuldevi and saltwater. Datta chanting has helped me with OCD (Obsessive compulsive behavior) to a large extent”.

– Mr. Mayur, Mumbai

Reconnection established : “‘Hello -Thanks a lot for this web-source. I am feeling reconnected to my home.”

– Ms. Sujat Ukidave, Canada 

Loving Satsang : “I went to the online satsang last Sunday, it was really nice and the seeker who was running it, was really nice to meet him too! I always enjoy listening to the SSRF host and love the sixth sense experiments and hearing about different seekers experiences, it is great”.

– Ms. Madhavi White, New Zealand

Feeling different in just 3 days : “Hi SSRF team, First of all thank you very much for providing such a great platform of spiritual knowledge for us. And just by doing salt water treatment, I can feel change in me. I have been doing this just from 3 days.
Thank you so much. I appreciate it.”-

– Radheya1, India 

Active yet Calm : “Thanks for the support. And regarding the effects of chanting – its great. I feel calm and very active nowadays than it use to be before. I remain fresh for the entire day and always there is a feeling of satisfaction.”

– Mr. Ajeet Pawar, India

Request for wider reach : “Sir please post in Hindi also many users not able to understand properly. If u can post in hindi many more people can take advantage. i started reading this some days ago. Only just started chanting my Kuldevta name. Want to continue it and will try to go on above stairs also. Sir i am new here and yeah read your articles on  your website also and really will be thankful if it can happen on Facebook also.”

– Mr.  Manish Agarwal, Jaipur

Spiritual Principles are Universal : “There’s a lot one can take in from this (Wall post about Saint). I find it refreshing to hear these concepts expressed in a form that doesn’t focus on religion.”

– Mr. Clinton R. Sillivent, USA

March 2015

Wonderful work helping so many! : “Thank you again for all that you do. Your site is VERY informative. Every time I think I have read all of it, I find something I did not read. You guys are doing wonderful work to help many, many people spiritually – and that is a very powerful thing. I will keep all of you and your site in my prayers!”

– Ms. Christine Nelson, Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA

Belief in SSRF’s Research : ‘Om SuastiAstu (Greeting in Balinese)….so glad I can continue to correspond with SSRF… I was searching a lot on the internet about spirituality but only SSRF, I feel, fits (found Truth)… and I believe in SSRF research methods. ‘

− Mrs. Luh Putu Witariathi, Denpasar, Bali

Reading most of SSRF articles : ‘Greetings, I found SSRF through the internet. I opened the internet and look for things that mystical or spiritual in nature because I love spiritual matters, then I accidentally found SSRF article titled ‘what is ghost (demon, devil, negative energy, etc.)’. I then read the whole thing; even I’ve read most of SSRF articles. I like and agree with what I read and fully support it. Thank you. „

− Mrs. Sudirman  Taha, Indonesia

The long search has ended ! : ‘This post am writing not to ask any question but to show immense gratitude to you for showing me the correct path….my soul was asking this question to me since childhood on the correct way of living…I selected to become a doctor (of Homeopathy) against any profession but still I did not find the correct way…I have been searching everywhere…started introspection since childhood but due to presence of both positive and negative thought was not able to do justice to the question of soul…I searched lot of websites but never did I get such exhaustive knowledge explained in the most easy way…Thank you so much Anuji…I cannot explain the gratitude in words as no words may have that explanatory power as to explain my higher form of happiness….there are varied spheres in nature to know…but knowledge of God is Perfect as no other is sphere is perfect…Thank you so much…Regards.’

 Dr Nehal Shetty, Mumbai

Incredible negativity has reduced : ‘Chanting has been so beneficial. I feel like I’m more sensitive to negative energies- like when it comes to music, I find I cannot tolerate some of the Euro-Pop electronica and heavy metal music anymore whereas I used to be able to last time. Actually a lot has changed in my life and it continues to change since I chanced upon your website.  I used to have an incredible amount of negativity in my life and it’s so much less now. It still comes here and there but I now know how to deal with it and I understand the kind of activities (Raja/Tama) that bring about negativity. I also feel so much more purposeful and I’m reconnecting with the Creator, I feel something guiding me along each step of the way…..I’ve been purifying my premises and bathing using Gomutra and I feel like it helps with transmitting spiritually positive vibrations……..’

− Kiran J, Singapore

Started Spiritual Practice : “ (My spiritual practice is) Praying, now chanting and read spiritual text from time to time, especially the SSRF website with so much spiritual knowledge and wisdom.”

– Ms. Realeboga Rea Sefako, Australia

Not afraid of the future: “ My spiritual practice is transforming me. for example i am not affected if i lose money and i am not afraid of future because i understand God has a plan for me”

– Mr. Nathan Collins, Belgium

A site to Unite the World : “Nice site to read the valuable words, to unite world in its spiritual way, my blessings for this site.”

– Mrs. Swarn Kapoor

February 2015

Eager to begin! :Thank you dear Team! I was chanting for a while before I wrote to you but not so much. I will try immediately the therapy with Salt Water. I hope it helps…I have many, many problems…negative thoughts, I am too lazy of doing everything, I don’t see myself in the future….cause I’m afraid and I don’t have any order in my life anymore, its everything boring for me…but I will try everything now!!! Thank you very, very much!!!”

– Ms. Kinga Falusi, Graz, Austria

 So many useful articles : “ Hello? Thank you so much for the information (articles about effect of Saints to possessed person and spiritual healing), it is very useful to me!”

– Ms. Ida Ida, Hong Kong

A desire to spread the word : “ How i wish these practices (spiritual practice) are done here in Kenya. People have no faith. Please come to my help. Let’s teach the world. I know FAITH is everything. Love happiness joy health and heavenly wealth is just for those with WISDOM”

– Mr. Pattyerick Bahati Joy Hills, Kenya

 Clarity in all explanations : “ This website is best website I have seen. It educates us clearly on what is spirituality and spiritual levels. All such information on your website is superb. Thank you! Very clear explanations on everything. A lot of information on how problems are caused in life, thanks. “

– Mr.  Karthik Puranik, Bangalore

Serving at no cost at all : “ Thank you and I appreciate what you do especially for free which validates your mission. Thanks again.”

 – Mr.Idris Farag, Libya

Not believing in God has hurt me : “I found your website around January 19th. I thought this would help expand my spiritual growth in conjunction with my AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) program. With my 5 senses I made that decision but now there is a little bit of my 6th sense kicking in and now I see how this spiritual path and growth is not add on treatment but it is absolutely essential. I am starting to see how my lack of belief in God is playing a role in my life and has really hurt me and limited me in so many ways, especially in personal relationships. Not just defective girl/boy but business and my family.

I really appreciate your reminding me to forget the past and to get out of the future, you are so right because it keeps me further away from God and I need to do everything to dissolve my ego. My ego is alive and strong. I now see how my ego has blocked the divine light of God. I would like to tell you what really attracted me to the SSRF website was the guarantee of fast spiritual growth if I was willing to do the work.”

– Mr. Eddy Byrd, USA

 Sheltered by Lord Datta : “On this 18th I went to Haridwar with my brother-in-law as they were told by a priest that his departed father’s soul has been disturbing them and creating problems like fights without any reasons amongst family members. That subtle body started appearing in their dreams etc. While going with them I was chanting the Shree Gurudev Datta mantra and praying, ‘Please take me in your shelter’. After reaching there I came to know that the hotel we were staying in had a temple of God Dattatreya, that was from junagarh akhara. That’s when I realised that this mantra really works.”

– Mr. Anoop Singh, Bharat

 Needing continuity in guidance : “I have started doing accordingly. I hope I will overcome from all the negative energies and will proceed on path of spirituality by your and God’s blessings. Please keep guiding your follower…..Thank you again for writing back to me and motivating me. I have registered for the Satsang. Hope you will keep blessing me. May God give me power to continue the spiritual work.”

– Sita Ram, Canada

 A website one can trust : “I have been reading the SSRF website for the past few years now and I like to read whatever is published on the website. It is wonderful I came to know about the website, I think in the year 2009, while searching for some spiritual path. Since then, I have been regularly reading it whenever I feel the need to connect spiritually. I enjoy reading the website mainly because it is very scientific and it also provides proof about everything with sharing of actual examples, which is of immense benefit in this age of so much falsehood and cheating. The good thing about SSRF is it is very simple in its structure and ability to reach out.”

– Ms Nandini, Bangalore

Help comes when there is a desire to progress : “Help is always there for one who really wants to progress Spiritually and attain God. God has indeed helped me indirectly by getting me to contact SSRF. Your work is sponsored by God.”

– Prof. Jaydipkumar Babriya, Bharat

 Healed from Allergic rhinitis : “Thanks to SSRF for sharing all their knowledge with us. My Family is completely TRANSFORMED mainly because of SSRF…..Sincere thanks to SSRF. May God continue to use you to Transform our lives. May God bless u abundantly. I will be sending an email to SSRF about a Testimony on how Chanting the name of God Completely healed me from a serious chronic Allergic Rhinitis problem I suffered for 40 yrs. Within 3 Months of discovering the Power of Chanting and Chanting every single day so many hours a day i am COMPLETELY HEALED. I started Chanting on Nov 21st 2014, by Feb 14th 2015…I was Completely healed.”

– (Apostle) Ms. Mary Nabila Ales, USA

 Grateful for receiving : I love your website. Thank you all for all the work that you do. Thank you for sharing. This is the truth behind spiritual practice. Certainly i did started with SSRF two months ago. Reading important and true research from SSRF, and practicing.


 January 2015

Sleep Paralysis : “Spiritual Science Research Foundation – India (SSRF India Facebook) – I already shared (with family and friends) this article (Sleep Paralysis) after reading it. Reading it is interesting as you well differentiate the two – medical vs spiritual which made this article interesting…keep posting best research articles of you”

  -Indira Shome Dutta, Bharat

Benefits from chanting : “Hi, Sir, i always reading the articles SSRF post. I learned a lot from those articles. Recently I tried chanting “Sri Gurudev Datta”. I had some experiences which I will like to confirm if it is the way or results of chanting. After chanting about 10-15 minutes, I feel my body was more relaxed. I could “see” calm lighting surrounding me. I feel joyful.”

 -Teo Gim Hwee, Malaysia

Thoughts racing through mind : “This is exactly the article (Benefits of prayers) I have been waiting for. It seems like my thoughts will not ever let me rest, and I can never get any sleep or focus on regular everyday tasks or even just relax because my mind is always racing with thoughts”.

 – Mr. Calvin Bell, Tennessee, USA

Problems resolved : “I had a dream few days ago that I am doing a PhD in Spiritual Science and my teacher is Jesus. My school is Spiritual Science Research Foundation SSRF. In the dream I was told it could take 2 years to complete the Program. I was overjoyed when I woke up because ever since God helped me to find SSRF on Friday Nov 21st, i am much closer to God. I now know the right Spiritual path to take to obtain Oneness with God. All the Problems I had all my life for 41 yrs has been resolved through the help of SSRF. I feel new and i am a very very happy and peaceful woman now despite so many challenges I continue to face. Before I found SSRF, i use to beg God to end my life. My suffering was too much. I was crowded by negatively. One dose of sea salt spiritual cleanse therapy and chanting did it for me. Thanks so much SSRF. ONLY God who found you for me will repay you on my behalf.”

  – Ms. Mary Nabila, (country not known)

Various Religious Backgrounds : “Before I begin, let me introduce myself, my name is Harsa, I am a Moslem. I recently read an article about the life after death that you wrote in the perspective of Buddhism, and found it is an interesting article to read.

By the way, I came across spiritual science research foundation’s article when browsing on the internet about the process after death, and to be honest the writing of spiritual science research foundation team is very inspiring. This afternoon, i joined skype SSRF conversation (EU satsang) for the first time about ancestral problems and i think it is a very nice experience to share thoughts and spiritual experiences with seekers from various religious backgrounds all over the world.”

-Harsa Arizki, Jakarta, Indonesia

 December 2014

Improvement in Examinations : “Nowadays I am chanting regularly for sometime except for the salt water treatment. I do salt water treatment but not very frequently and Ma’am Chanting really helps This time I’ve done my exams well more than I used to do before. I feel its because of the spiritual practice.I really feel blessed”

 – Ms. Thulasi Sudhakaran, Chennai

Abundant Knowledge : “Thanks SSRF for providing such a valueless info on spiritual subject..i m very much interested in this subject….infact i want salvation and ur website raised my hope. However abundant knowledge i got from here…but still want to know more and more.

  – Raja Choudhury, Jammu

Overcoming an addiction : “Before spiritual practice i was addicted to smoking. Now i don’t. Thanks to you:). ”

  -Amitanshu Bose, Kolkata

 Subtle fragrance : “ I have began chanting Shri Gurudev Datta – i could feel my body is lighter than before – my thoughts are in control……While i was meditation this morning, a vision of H.H Dr. Athavale came i was happy with his smile. Later after plucking flowers for usual prayer, i could get strong sandalwood fragrances.”

-Logenthiran Rajagopal, Malaysia

 Being an Orphan : “SSRF has changed my life and driven me to the spiritual path and enabled me to go nearer towards the Supreme God. SSRF has taught our goal should never be materialistic but it must be to reach God. I am an orphan as i had lost my parents at the age of 14 years but now i have understood that i know that everyone in the world is an orphan until he or she does surrenders to God so that God take care for him.  I am extremely happy that my country and this world has got SSRF in this era to impart spiritual knowledge. This is not every person\’s capacity to understand these secret things in a right sense and most importantly to believe it. I thank SSRF my extreme desire is to meet to the great person Dr. Athavaleji and i shall meet him in future if God wishes so. Thank you SSRF.”

 – Jaydipkumar Babriya, Amreli

Knowledge and Daily Spiritual practice : “I find it very informative on spiritual matters.I have ordered some books and I will read and hope to understand more about life. I am already doing my daily sadhana, like chanting of the gayathiri mantras and rudraksha chanting. I hope to widen my knowledge through your website regarding my spiritual matters.”

     – Perumal, Singapore

November 2014

It works ! : “I find this (H. H. Dr. Athavale’s Divine changes wall post) fascinating; gosh the chanting has been changing my life; it works it actually works; this science of bringing light in you can feel yourself transmute. I never felt so much love for people in my life. thank you so much.”

– Helen Edel, Australia

This website is like the Holy Scriptures : “Hi, hope you are all good. Many thanks for all the valuable information you share with us. To me, your website is like a holy scripture and I read at least one article from it every day.”

 –  Ms. Deepa Vasudevan, Ireland

Healing changes :  “Daily chanting has changed my life in profound ways. Very healing”

–  Ms. Annie Thibeault, Canada

Improved decision making : “I have started doing spiritual practice (chanting Name of God as per birth religion) daily…However, I still feel it is not optimal…but I will keep on trying to increase the frequency….meanwhile, my heart and my mind feel peaceful…due to that I can make better decisions in life and feel comfortable since God’s presence is felt closer.”

– Arie Marianto, Indonesia

No more dreams about Dad : “Thank you very much for the reply. I have been chanting the Datta chant on and off but not regularly since i am at work and sometimes forgetting about it, but chanting it when ever possible. Since I started chanting I have not dreamt of my dad. Hopefully it has done something good to his soul. Your foundation is doing very well for people like me and hope every research be a success”

–  Ms. Thushitha Suresh Kumar, Bharat

Questions Answered : “I am very happy to find this site as i can get my answers to various questions. Thanks a lot. Whatever questions come in my mind i would like to discuss those right here and i know i ‘ll find my answers. Thanks so much. Yes you can publish these comments with my name. I have not any objection. In fact this conversation or guidelines will help people who are interested to know various aspects of spirituality and show them new dimensions in this field. I saw one picture on google plus having formation on 5 tatvas on our fingers. This picture attracted me because i am continously seeking the way which leads to spirituality. Clicking on that picture i found this site.”

– Jitesh Kohli, Bharat

Divine Particles on hand : “Last month i saw my palm was shining with silver colour very small particles. And most of the time when i observe my hand  it is shining there. i compared it with my friends hands. But their hands are not shining in that way. So i was excited and i searched about that, after that i got to know about SSRF while i was searching these things from Google. I felt really happy to know about SSRF and i really wondered and was excited when i saw the videos in you tube. My hand is also shining in that way.”

– A curious , Srilanka 

The Science behind the ‘Eternal Truth’ : “Information present on this site is very very scientific. Layout of this site is very user friendly and each section contains perfect heading, images for better understanding. We follow our religion but don’t know much about the science behind it. And yes, this site is full source of science behind the ‘Eternal Truth’.”  

– Amol Dhore, Pune

Chanting succeeds where medicines fail : “I am pleased and happy to inform you that my facial dermatitis is finally showing recession after months of spiritual practice. I can for the first time, feel that chanting has made a change and for me and this is some change which I have not experienced with countless of treatments pursued so far. I am very astonished with the power of spirituality and it continues to amaze me …I cannot actually believe that spirituality is the key to many unknown and locked doors in life.”

 – Sajit, Kerala 


A Divine Purpose : “The creation of SSRF has Divine purposes- to elevate the common people from the miseries of life and immerse one’s mind in chanting the nectar-like names of the Lord. I’m happy that people are receiving this knowledge to make themselves better people. “

 -Ms Nalin Venkat Sameera, Bharat


 October 2014

“Your website served as a Guru for me. I have read almost all of your website and have watched several videos of SSRF here as well as on Youtube. I came across your website through Google search. Your website influenced me to chant ‘ Wahe Guru’ as i belong to the Sikh religion”.

-Mr. Harpreet Singh, Ludhiana

“A few months back (Dec 2013) my grandfather passed away which made me really sad. In 16 years of my life, I have never experienced such a situation before. He is such a kind person. Days passed, but I was not completely able to accept what has happened. At that point, I wanted to know what happens to one after their death. So I surfed it on the Internet and that’s how I came across SSRF. On reading the article on “What happens after death” I was able to understand what was going around me but still at times I wish that he was alive. Then frequently I started visiting this website and started reading quite a few articles put up here. I like this website so much. Its Awesome !!!!”

– Ms. Thulasi Sudhakaran , Chennai

“ I am so happy and grateful to you for the wonderful answers that you had given to each question of mine. SSRF website is such a great encyclopedia of unknown facts or rather long lost wisdom in the scrolls of time.THANK YOU so much. i have read about organ donation from your article on SSRF website,it was quite interesting and for long even i have thought about it”.

-Mr. Rohit Raveendran, Trivandrum

So much thanks to SSRF. Ever since I’ve discovered this site, it has enhanced my understanding and tolerance of the different religions that there is. A major area of enlightenment is that on the spirituality behind sicknesses, addictions, disasters etc. Thank YOU ALL!

-Innocent Mawuena, Ghana 


Thank you. U guys really gave me real answers. God bless you and continue. Just continue.

-Mr. Toma Adam, Spain

What an incredible story (transformation article – Annette Brown). If so many can get help like this, this world would a better place to live. Namaste.

– Debbie L Ruiz Flores, Puerto Rico

September  2014

Experiencing the Power in Spiritual Remedies: “The first time I used box treatment by placing on my computer desk I felt great energy changes. I feel a lot of energy sensation on my midbrow (third eye). When I did the box treatment I felt the sensations on my mid brow again and also during chanting.

I also did the salt water treatment when I felt heavy headed and uncomfortable and then after it I felt better. I feel the increase in energy after chanting and when I stop it slowly reduces and I feel lighter and cold.  I have polio in my right leg since I was 5 years old, and now I am 35 I feel some sensations in my right leg, I don’t know if it is because of chanting.”

-Mr. Thomas Arokiaswamy, Virar


Inspired to grow spiritually: “I have a deep connect with your articles and beginning to feel the need to attain a higher spiritual level. Your guidance was exactly what i was needing, to answer my numerous questions about life”

-Mr. Backiaraj Sivamanickam, Mumbai


Experiencing the truth in the Articles: “I am lucky to have found your site, what you mention in your blogs is really true when I go out I feel  so many people under the influence of some sort of negative presence and they usually will have no idea about it .”

-Mr. Rohit Raveendran, Trivandrum 

Growing from learning: “ Guys I love all of you articles. I have grown so much from them all.”

-Mr. Thiago Alves de Moraes, Brazil

Personal Transformation: “ Dear SSRF, First of all I have to appreciate yourself and all of you in such a great initiative to help humanity towards betterment by seeking spiritual life. I really thank you all of this. SSRF has made me a different person too as I try to follow satvikta and other modes and ways to connect better to God. I currently say lord shiva mantra ” Om Nama shivaya” in the right tone. I also would like to soon start chanting on my kula devata ” lord Narayana ” mantra”.

-Mr. Ravi N Sruti, US


Inspired to introspect: “ Excellent article. This article wants me to do more effort of spiritual practice. This article also makes people to think the purpose of life.”

-Mr. Julius S, Jakarta, Indonesia


Salt water treatment: “Thank You Spiritual Science Research Foundation – India for absolutely fantastic articles 🙂 Have read almost all articles and trying out some of your therapies like salt water treatment etc. Thanks again”

-Ms. Sai Anurag, Kodad

Live an Aware Life: Dear Admin, Ur ‘live an aware life’ is a very well shot & narrated video which is a main attraction point at first glance for the viewers of this page. It connects to every individual beautifully & develops intrest.Consider placing it on the very first page… Just a suggestion. Awsome Job by ur team. Regards Raghuveer

– Raghuveer

July-August 2014

“So profound the chanting information. This site is truly a blessing.”

– Ms. Cathy Saba, Geelong, Victoria, Australia


“Your website and your foundation is unbelievably fantastic ! Love and Blessings to you.”

Mr. Reza Stella, Tehran, Iran


Clarity at last: “I am practicing spirituality everyday since I was born. Not a lot of improvement until found your website. Very nice, clear and straightforward ”.

-Mr. Hicham Berkouk, Boumerdas, Algeria


Spiritual Science in Colours: “ Have you sometimes felt charged when you wore one outfit and quite depressed when you wore another? SSRF reveals how some colours like blue, white and yellow attract positivity in our daily life, while black, green and purple draw negativity towards us.”

– Mr. Nguyen Thao


Leg cramps cured: “Thank you! Visited for migraine yet salt water cure stopped nightly leg cramps. You touched upon issues I did not know were related.

-Ms. Steel


Useful information: “ Thank you very much for developing such a useful website. I am getting answers to most of my questions. This website has truly  scientific information and is immensely useful for those  who are on the  spiritual path! “

-Ms. Arati, Bharat


Transformation after Salt Water Remedy: “ On week before, when I was surfing internet I have an opportunity to look at SSRF website. I have gone through the salt water remedy page completely and use it for myself. After doing it I have been able to feel the real difference of transformation of negative to positive energy. Thanks a lot for the information.”

 – Mr Siva Anandam, Bharat


Gratitude on behalf of the World ! “ By the way I’m in spiritual practice and that is the reason why I accidently discovered your SSRF website two weeks ago. You people are doing great service to the human kind who are in the thirst for spiritual seeking. Indeed on behalf of the world. I would like to thank the great website of SSRF and the team and the leaders who is managing sincerely, and also you are providing amazing realization to seekers like me. Hinduism is GREAT Thank you and I love SSRF.”

– Mr. Alagesan Arumugam, Malaysia

 June 2014

“I would like to know if you have any video about how to treat Addiction through spiritual healing? Thank you so much you have no idea how helpful is this. If I have any question I will ask. Blessing and Love.”

– Mr. Idalmy Caro, Mexico City, Mexico


Heartfelt gratitude: “You are everything that I’ve been looking for! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

–      Ms. Domina Peovic, Croatia,  (SSRF FB in Croatian language)


Helpful website: “ I feel I have a long way to go in my spiritual awakening but your website has been very helpful thank you for sharing all that information.”


 Inspiring Research: “The research done by SSRF is commendable and inspiring. All explanations in your website have a scientific and spiritual ground which for every reader and curious like me, it will sound 100% real and satisfactory. I had not found so far any site which could offer so many different topics. It is true that when one is in search of the Absolute Truth from God, it manifests. All this information manifests in our daily life it we have the desire. I fully identify with SSRF and support its beautiful work”.

– Mr. Luis Cabrera, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


“I believe nothing is accidental in this world. It is God’s love and guidance that helped me find SSRF through Internet browsing. Thank you.”

-Mr. Dede Sunarya, Kerawang, Indonesia

 Personal time rechanalised: “ Thanks and my chanting is going good, I want to thank you a lot because if I have not come in contact with SSRF, I would be wasting my time in just internet surfing, watching television etc, which all are just wastage of time. “

-Ms. Aditi B, Punjab


Relief from Sexual thoughts: “Thanks a lot for guiding me for chanting. I am happy because evil sexual thoughts are nullified. I want to achieve this from my teen age. Finally I achieve this now. Nothing is enough to your help in achieving this. Thank u very much.”

-Mr. Dondeti Reddy, AP


May 2014

Feeling quiet: “ You are doing an excellent work!! Greetings from the Dominican Republic. Thanks a lot for the information provided. I am chanting without pause as recommended. I have felt very quiet and happy those days and it will continue. Thanks my dear friends.”

– Mr. Louis Cabrera, Dominican Republic


An invitation: “ It is an honour to be a part of this group!!! The majority of them (articles) are truly fascinating. Maybe we can hold a seminar, or conference, in London? “

– Mr. David Parry, London, UK


Spreading the word: “I am so happy about the frequent contact that we have established through login, thank you again. Every time that i have the chance i will pass on and spread the word about SSRF’s website among my close ones and anyone else as well, this is part of my service to God.”

– Mr. Louis Cabrera, Dominican Republic


April 2014

Finally a breakthrough: “Thanks for your spiritual research. It opened the door i had been trying to open since i was a teenager.”

– Mr. Mundoga Muchfault, Pretoria, South Africa

Caring for others: “Well responded, detailed suggestions,caring for others feeling…Thank u, we found u r service useful, good luck.”

-Mr. Bhanu Prakash M, Bangalore, India

Beautiful description: “Beautiful description, I believe more in loComments 0ng cycles of transformation. Until one understands there is no escape, no beloved, no security, no happiness, but GOD.

 – Mr. Ahmed Loudiyi, Cassablanca, Marocco

Request for Satsang: Dear sir /Madame, bonjour. Please let us be assisted by you and get in Satsang. It is not our wish which lead us to find SSRF foundation but only the powerful God ’’Gurudev Datta’’. We like Satsang as we have read its spiritual benefits, because it links us with all our SSRF spiritual aspirants and Saints, as well as SSRF Satsang is the company of the truth what we want for our spiritual life; because we don’t like being misled. Example: We can benefit from the spiritual energy of the SSRF Saints through Satsang. We can also get the spiritual upliftment through Satsang, the reason why it is so most important to us. May God bless you. Namaskar to all of you.”

– M. Safari B Mutabesha, M. Masumbuko Joachim, M. Diesa Diabu, M. Wa Byondo from Malawi, Africa


Instantaneous Relief :  “Thank you once more for helping me. I am honored and grateful to have your guidance. The advice you and SSRF are providing on the internet is vital to people everywhere. I have been busy reading the articles on SSRF website and tried the spiritual healing remedy with the rock salt. I notice a big difference in how I feel, what I think and how I act even after doing it once for 15 minutes. I will continue to do it once a day as I am able. I am learning a lot and am very appreciative that you and SSRF have helped me begin my spiritual journey. Thank you for steering me closer to God. This is an aspect of my life which I have been lacking for far too long. Finally I have received some honest advice on the matter. Sincerely”

– Mr. Brian McGuire, USA

 Questions Answered: “Hello, it is a true bliss to have found this site on the internet. I really appreciate it; I have just found it some minutes ago and i have already created a log-in profile. It gives me great opportunity to search for a very desired answer. I really thank you”.

– Mr. Héctor Laynes – Guadalajara, Mexico


March 2014

Addiction gone, Lifestyle change : ‘ My chanting has been very strong. My whole life has been changing and i now do yoga every day. I have been able to handle stress in my life a lot better. My addictions have gone which was only smoking. I am going to donate some money to you as i know i will get a lot out of this . I have been reading your texts every day on the right way to live. I have even taken to wearing white and yellow now. I got my hair tied back in the right position. I have gone vegetarian. I have to attend a satsang. Thank you so much for helping me change my life for the better.’

–       Ms. Helen Edel, Kingscliff, New South Wales, Australia

Nightmares eliminated:  ‘ Chanting has helped tremendously. The most remarkable affect has been the elimination of nightmares and night terrors in our 2 year. These were  the same terrors that affected our niece and nephew, with the same entity going from home-to-home, child-to-child. This entity is so very recognizable by the children, us  as parents, and it’s signature effects on the dreams and vision of children. So easily was the entity defeated, the child empowered, and  the family allowed to rest in peace. Thank you SSRF, you have been of  tremendous value in our lives !!! ‘

    – Mr. Matthew Early, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, USA


Effect of Chanting: “Yes I just started chanting but I already can feel a difference. I went deep into meditation. Thank you for bringing them to my attention. I am most grateful for this resource I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.”

            – Mr. Wade Littrell


February 2014

You are unique: “ I read your website  and  I’m very impressed. SSRF has accumulated more know-how than any organisation on the Earth on the Dark Side.  You are unique.  Nobody else has come close to the penetration of Dark Side practices that SSRF has achieved.”

– Dr. Mark Tarver, UK


January 2014

SSRF is a caring guide: “SSRF has given me many precious insights in different areas of spirituality. It benefited me greatly because of the vast knowledge we get to learn like their spiritual remedies to reduce dark entities and energy. It is a caring guide that would like everyone in this world to become a full being of light!”

– Mr. Nick Stacey 


Every paragraph of the SSRF website is so interesting: I’m very impressed with SSRF’s website, I would very much like to receive guidance from you because every paragraph i read from your articles are so interesting, i click link after link until I get lost. This is definitely what I have been waiting for.

– Mr. Luis Doallo, Mexico


Experiencing Truth in SSRF’s website articles: On March 15, 2013, I went to Friday night services at a local Jewish temple with my father.  After the service, there was a reception with food and drink, in another room of the temple.  I sat on the side of the room, watching people talk and eat.  The noise was very loud.  I started thinking about the SSRF article that talked about introversion, soft talking, and reflection as ideal qualities for a seeker.  I began meditating on these qualities with my thoughts in that noisy room.  All of a sudden, or gradually, I began to feel peace enveloping me as if I were being protected.  I knew that the SSRF article was true.  Thank you very much for all the ways you have helped me, SSRF.”

– David Feigelson, Houston, Texas, USA


SSRF website making changes in one’s life:  I found your website about 2 weeks ago and I can say that this really made great changes in my life. I feel like a real living person now and everyday I study your website and many questions come to my mind.”

– Ms. Shayda Owrak, Teheran, Iran


Learning through SSRF site about the importance of expressing gratitude: One of the most important lessons I learned from SSRF site is to pay gratitude to God.  Recently, I was feeling inactive to do any kind of work, a kind of laziness.  I was becoming slow, could not finish work properly and so on.  I then started saying gratitude to God on every action I do.  It may be a simple task like washing a dish.  This helped me to overcome inactive nature.  I started feeling happiness when I do my work.

– Mrs. Sethulakshmi Santhosh, United Arab Emirates


Relevant to our lives: I first would like to thank you for running such a great site. It is not making sense as to why this site is not the most popular site in the web since the information here I find it to be SO relevant to our lives.

– Mr. Frank, USA

The website is fantastic, i wish everyone would invest time learning from this.

– Chris Holbing, Melbourne, Australia

Homeopathy students helped in Spiritual study:   Hi, I am a lecturer in a college teaching Homeopathy and Vibrational Medicine. I am very much thankful to you for publishing such wonderful articles on your website. I found your articles are very helpful to my students in attaining knowledge of Spirituality.

– Prof. Kumar Goteti, Perth, Australia

Explaining with clarity: The way you have explained every concept that a seeker is interested to know is amazing. I am impressed how the explanations provided are affirmative, without any caveat and not religion specific.

– Sanna Khalkar, United Arab Emirates

SSRF articles making one feel happier and more confident: The more I am involved with your site and articles, the happier and more confident I feel. A lot of the time I find that it confirms my understanding of things, but explains them in such a perfect way.

– Debbie Howard, Tonbridge, UK

This is great that I’ve found you guys! It’s all perfect! I feel that you have a lot to share and I’m open to contemplate all notions you share!

– Mr. Dickie Erwin, Austin (TX), USA

Angels: I found the SSRF website when I used a search engine to do research about angels. When I typed the word “angels” into the search engine, an SSRF article about angels was displayed and I read the article entirely. It was very informative and I realized it to be full of Truth. This led me to explore the entire SSRF website and I did so for about 4 hours at one time, gaining a lot of spiritual information.

– Lesley, MS, USA

Feeling Blessed: Thank You for your Work…The Most High has Blessed me Greatly because I have followed your website on spiritual work, and as my finances increase so will my donations to further the spread of this Spiritual information… Lord Jesus Christ…

– Melvin Wilson, IL, USA

Learning how to pray: I’m very thankful that I found out about you guys. Before I only thought about God on Sundays or when I prayed. I had a feeling that the way I was praying was sort of wrong. I decided to Google prayer and I found your site. I read through it and I realized what I’ve been doing wrong. I thank God for leading me to this site and I hope others will have the chance to change in a spiritual way like me.

– Ryan Nem, USA (SSRF Facebook)

Greetings, I just wanted to say that i am completely absorbed by your website. It contains a vast amount of information that is expressed beautifully and concisely. I feel better as I grasp so many otherwise ‘cryptic’ concepts. By expressing this information scientifically, so much information which was otherwise fragmented from years of reading, research, satsangs is now ordered and clarified. The information has been put forward without making one religion right or wrong but above all. This is pure Spirituality. I absolutely adore this site.

– Jay, UK

SSRF is like a Spiritual Treasure trove for the seeker in me……everyday I find articles to read, and I’ve been practising what is taught therein… I must say… I wish every single day… If only I had come across SSRF earlier than I have! Thank you so much!

– Nimi Nair, USA (SSRF Facebook)

It gives me pleasure to voice thanks and appreciation to SSRF’s team doing well in guiding, providing and preparing people to meet with their beloved and merciful supreme God. I also thank SSRF’s team as their team work and website helped me a lot to solve my problems, make life easier, get answers to my questions and much more. We are taking benefit from your work and you are providing your work free of charge to the people of all over the world. You (SSRF team) are some of the great people of the world. God bless you.

– Yasir, Pakistan

Understanding my situation: Thank you so much for the info you shared with me. You’ve saved me a lot of time, money and trouble. I understand my situation better than before.

– Thabo Hlalele, South Africa (SSRF Facebook)

Thanks a lot. I haven’t seen such patience anywhere! I pray to God that your mission should be successful and more and more people should get to know about SSRF.

– Methuna Rajah, India (SSRF Facebook and Login)