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Spiritual Research in Dowsing using a Pendulum

In this section we share with you the spiritual research we have done on the subject of dowsing.
At SSRF we were intrigued by the various beliefs and claims of dowsers on what a pendulum as a dowsing tool can do. This led to us conducting our own study. This study is still in the preliminary stages of understanding this divination system. However in these series of video, slideshows and articles, we will share with you some of the preliminary findings. These findings are based on the observation and analysis of the experiment both at a physical level and through advanced sixth sense.

Part 1 – Spiritual research into dowsing using the pendulum method

Many of us have probably experimented with dowsing but have never thought of the various factors that come into play when we get our answers. In this video we discuss the motion of a pendulum when dowsing an average person and a person who was possessed by demonic negative energies.

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