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Spiritual experiences of Mr Vladimir Ćirković

1. His Holiness Dr Athavale understanding the thoughts of a seeker

Often when I had the opportunity to be in the satsang of His Holiness Dr Athavale, I would experience a thoughtless state accompanied by a feeling of serenity. I wanted to express my gratitude to Him for inspiring my whole family to start spiritual practice, for giving me the opportunity to practice Spirituality full-time as well as developing the faith from within that God will take care of us. However, due to being in a thoughtless state, I would be unable to express this feeling of gratitude in words as other seekers could.

When this happened, I would plead from within, “I would like to speak with You, but I cannot find the words. If this is needed, please You only say something to me. If not I am grateful to You for being in Your divine satsang.”

Each time I prayed in this way, His Holiness Dr Athavale would turn to me and ask, “Vladimir, you do not have anything to say?”

In that moment, I would experience spiritual emotion and Bliss realising that He hears us even when we do not speak in words.

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