SSRF Saints H.H. Cyriaque Vallee & H.H. Rendy Ekarantio conduct Spiritual Workshops in Hong Kong!


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Over 210 lectures in 11 countries. Please check back for updates.

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Name of the lectureDate City Country Event Details
Powerful Healing Techniques for You and the EnvironmentApril 29, 2018Hong KongChinaRegister
Transform Your Life - Understand Spiritual EnergiesApril 30, 2018Hong KongChinaRegister
Unique Method for Personality Development by His Holiness Dr AthavaleMay 1, 2018Hong KongChinaRegister
Positively Change your Personality with an Effective TechniqueMay 2, 2018Hong KongChinaRegister
Is my life ruled by karma? Learn how to change itMay 4, 2018Hong KongChinaRegister
Kas minu elu kontrollib karma? Tule õpi seda muutmaMay 5, 2018TallinnEstoniaRegister
Võimsad ravitehnikad sulle ja sinu elukeskkonnaleMay 6, 2018TallinnEstoniaRegister
Are we approaching World War 3? Spiritual perspectives and survival techniquesMay 9, 2018Hong KongChinaRegister
Карма управляет моей жизнью? Узнайте как это изменитьMay 10, 2018Sankt PeterburgRussiaRegister
Where do we go after death and how to help our departed loved ones May 11, 2018Hong KongChinaRegister
Куда мы идём после смерти и как решить проблемы с родом?May 12, 2018Sankt PeterburgRussiaRegister
7 Powerful spiritual self-healing techniquesMay 12, 2018Hong KongChinaRegister
Are we approaching World War 3? Spiritual perspectives and survival techniquesMay 12, 2018VancouverCanadaRegister
Возможна ли третья мировая война? Духовная точка зрения и методы выживанияMay 15, 2018Sankt PeterburgRussiaRegister