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H. H. Bhavna


H.H. Rendy


Mrs. Dragana


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Mrs. Kristen


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Name of the lectureDate City Country Event Details
7 Powerful spiritual self-healing techniquesApril 28, 2019Oakville, ONCanadaRegister
Unique Method for Personality Development by His Holiness Dr AthavaleApril 28, 2019Oakville, ONCanadaRegister
How to reduce ego for a happier lifeMay 1, 2019Ottawa, ONCanadaRegister
7 Powerful spiritual self-healing techniquesMay 2, 2019Ottawa, ONCanadaRegister
7 Powerful Spiritual Self-healing TechniquesMay 5, 2019Ottawa, ONCanadaRegister
Spiritual technique to manage your stress and angerMay 5, 2019Ottawa, ONCanadaRegister
How to progress spiritually while living a modern lifestyleMay 8, 2019Kuala LumpurMalaysiaRegister
How to progress spiritually while living a modern lifestyleMay 9, 2019Richmond Hill, ONCanadaRegister
Importance of chanting and how to help our AncestorsMay 9, 2019Kuala LumpurMalaysiaRegister
7 Powerful Healing Techniques for Everyday LifeMay 10, 2019SelangorMalaysiaRegister
Where do we go after death and how to help our departed loved ones?May 21, 2019Burnaby, BCCanadaRegister
Uncover the enigma of dreams and overcome sleep disordersMay 30, 2019Vancouver, BCCanadaRegister
7 Powerful spiritual self-healing techniquesJune 11, 2019BrusselsBelgiumRegister
Are problems in life due to Karma or Destiny? Learn how to overcome them.June 13, 2019BrusselsBelgiumRegister

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