Terms and conditions for SSRF Member Account

These terms and condition are applicable for anyone applying for a new SSRF Member Account and or having an existing SSRF Member Account. The terms and condition for our SSRF member account section is a sub-section of our Terms of use for the SSRF website. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you also agree to our Terms of Use for this Site.


Deleting an account Deleting an account means making the account inactive.
Member Means the same as ‘SSRF member’.
Profile Each active member will have a personal profile which will be a private area and will store personal information and interaction with SSRF. Comments made by the member may however be made public.
SSRF SSRF when used in this website stands for the Spiritual Science Research Foundation INC a non-profit organisation registered with the

  • Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) with ABN 49 119 742 291
  • state of New Jersey, USA (No: 0400176958)
  • Germany with Local Court, Siegburg, Register of associations no. VR 3766
  • and in Croatia with the Register of Associations of the Republic of Croatia under registration number 21012023

(hereinafter jointly referred to as “SSRF”).

SSRF member Any person who has an active SSRF member account provided by SSRF via the website.
SSRF Website Team People directly involved with the operation and functioning of the website
The Site The website ssrf.org or spiritualresearchfoundation.org
We The word ‘we’ used on this website refers to the Spiritual Science Research Foundation as defined in ‘SSRF’.
Website The website of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation INC as mentioned in the definition of the “Site”
You Concerned SSRF member

SSRF Member Registration

2.1 In order to use certain services on the Site, for example to use a ‘Live chat facility’, a user needs to become an SSRF member (“Member”) by completing our member registration form. During registration you are requested to give personal information such as your name, e-mail address, city, year of birth etc. The reason we ask for this information is so that we can better meet your spiritual needs when you ask a question. You agree to provide accurate personal information in the online form when setting up your SSRF Member Account.

2.2 Details with regard to usage of your personal information have been provided in our Privacy policy

2.3 Your conduct with regard to operation of your SSRF member account has been elaborated in section on ‘Conduct of members’.

2.4 As part of the registration process, you will be asked to select a username, nickname and password. We may refuse to grant you a username or Nickname or name or account that impersonates someone else, is or may be illegal, is or may be protected by trademark or other proprietary rights law, is already in current use, is vulgar or otherwise offensive, may cause confusion, or for any other reason as determined by SSRF in our sole discretion. We reserve the right to delete your SSRF member account without any reason, by providing you with written notice by email to the email address provided by you in your SSRF Member account, if any of the above is brought to our notice after the registration process of the SSRF member account is complete.

Conduct of members

3.1 You (concerned member) agree to the following:

3.1.1  Provide accurate and complete information in the registration process. I understand that SSRF will not be held responsible for any information provided to me based on incorrect information that I have provided.
3.1.2  Promptly update my details if they change.

3.2 If as reasonably determined by SSRF in its sole discretion, you, or any other person, use your SSRF member account service in connection with:

  • any activity that infringes the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties;
  • any activity that defames or disparages any person or legal entity;
  • any abusive language;
  • any otherwise illegal or fraudulent activity,

SSRF may, on providing written notice to you, immediately suspend or de-activate your SSRF Member Account without refunding any credit outstanding in respect to your SSRF member account and/or notify the relevant law enforcement agency or regulator.

Change of conditions

5.1 From time to time, SSRF may amend the terms and conditions of SSRF Member Accounts. This will be reflected here. If you do not agree with the changes you may request to delete your account. We encourage you to visit this section of our site regularly in order to remain informed of any changes.

Deleting accounts

5.1 As reasonably determined by SSRF in its sole discretion, SSRF reserves the right to delete any account.

5.2 The information held within an account may be kept as evidence in circumstances that are in contravention to conduct as mentioned in the Section 3 of ‘Conduct of members’ or for any other reason that SSRF deems it necessary.

5.3 Any member may request to delete an account if they do not agree with any of the terms and conditions. Request to delete an account can be found in the concerned member’s profile.

5.4 Once an account is made inactive, SSRF reserves the sole right to make it active again. In most cases, the nickname will not be allowed to be used again.

Professional Advice Disclaimer

Please refer to the Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability section in Terms of use of the website