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Revealing women’s clothes

1. Introduction Sex appeal is a prominent theme in women’s fashion today, as people are gravitating to increasingly provocative and skimpy clothing. The ratio of fabric to skin has shrunk dramatically as some women now wear revealing clothes which show off their bodies sometimes to the point that they are nearly nude. The styles and … Continue reading Revealing women’s clothes

How to dress?

Spiritual Effect of Wearing Jewellery

SSRF explains why to wear jewellery – Wearing jewellery has a positive spiritual effect by allowing the person to imbibe Divine Energy and experience spiritual healing through acupressure.

Spiritual properties of cotton cloth and clothes made from cotton

SSRF explains the spiritual properties of cotton cloth and its effect on our everyday life.

Spiritual effect of clothes made from nylon fabric

SSRF explains the spiritual properties of nylon fabric and its effect on our everyday life.

How to dress – spiritual effect of the clothes we wear

Did you know that the clothes you wear can affect you at a spiritual level? As a result your personality and behaviour can be influenced.

How to Remove Smell from Clothes and Protect our Belongings

Clothes and our personal belongings can get contaminated by negative energies (ghosts, demons). In this article we suggest steps you can take to spiritually purify them

Clothes and smell – How clothes are influenced by positive and negative energy

Have you ever noticed that your clothes can have an unpleasant smell despite being clean? The reason for this can be of a spiritual nature.

How to dress? – The sari and the skirt

How should one dress to imbibe maximum spiritual vibrations? Spiritual research explains the effect of wearing a sari as opposed to wearing a skirt.

Spirituality in life | Sattvik living

How can we blend our normal day-to-day life with a spiritual life? Learn how we can derive bliss by attaching every aspect of life to spirituality.