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Spiritual experiences of Mr Trung Hai Nguyen

1. Experiences on meeting His Holiness Dr Athavale for the first time I had come to the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram on 9-May-2016 for the 5-Day Spiritual Workshop. During the workshop I came to know that I had spiritual distress. On one of the days, we got the good news that His Holiness Dr … Continue reading Spiritual experiences of Mr Trung Hai Nguyen

Kundalini and Chakras

Kundalini chakras awakening as per spiritual level

Spiritual growth naturally leads to awakening of the Kundalini and the chakras. Learn about which chakra gets awakened at what spiritual level.

What is Kundalini and how does the process of Kundalini awakening happen?

What is Kundalini, how does it awaken? How does it impact the chakras? Read more on this process and the various practices for kundalini awakening.

Predominant component of human existence as per region of the Universe

In this article we explain what happens to our subtle body as we grow spiritually and move on to progressively higher subtle regions of the Universe.

What are Human Beings made of? (Body, Mind, Intellect, Soul)

Is the human existence just the body, or is there something more? Besides the body, mind and soul, there are other subtle bodies that also coexist.

Vital energy (Prana shakti)

How does vital energy or prana-shakti, the life sustaining energy, function in the human body? Read on to find out.

Case study: Mr. S.G. Vatkar recovered from a heart disease without cardiac surgery

Mr. Vatkar was suffering from chest pains and various medical tests indicated he had severe cardiac disease. Read how spiritual healing remedies cured him.

Vital and subtle energy systems in the body

Most of the energy used in the functioning of our body, mind and intellect comes via the subtle energy system, which can be perceived by sixth sense.