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Spiritual experiences of Mr Dewang Gadoya

1. Experiencing the omnipresence of the Guru Principle My wife Rishita and I were moving from India to Canada in December 2003. Before we left we had the opportunity to have a satsang with His Holiness Dr Athavale. During the course of the satsang, He assured us that He did not require a visa or … Continue reading Spiritual experiences of Mr Dewang Gadoya

Mechanism behind Spiritual Healing Methods – Spiritual Healers

This article discusses the mechanism of healing when a spiritual healer attempts to heal a patient.


A spectacular collection of photographs – positive and negative energy materialising on objects and people

The Universe

Divine changes manifesting as yellow fingernails

Yellow fingernails on rare occasions can be caused due to Divine changes in a spiritually evolved person’s body who is working for the spiritual welfare of society

Progressive changes in objects due to positive spiritual energy

Did you know that positive energy can visibly manifest through objects? In rare cases, positive changes in the object can continue over time.