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Spiritual experiences of Mrs Lavanita Dürr

1. His Holiness Dr Athavale giving strength and energy while giving birth to my son, Narayan When giving birth to Narayan, I initially had difficulties to bear and accept the labour pains. I was not able to think at that time or do anything else, but suddenly a strong thought came to chant God’s name and … Continue reading Spiritual experiences of Mrs Lavanita Dürr

Personality defects and dealing with stress

Our ability to cope with stress is determined by the number of personality defects we have.

Benefits of spiritual practice

Increased tolerance for pain

This article describes how spiritual practice increases our ability to bear pain.

Spiritual Practice

What is spiritual practice and how to start one’s spiritual journey today

Do not waste your spiritual energy

If we use spiritual energy gained through spiritual practice, for example in the form of prayer, to get worldly benefits then the spiritual energy gets depleted.