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What is spiritual emotion?

Spiritual Emotion is the replacement of the awareness of our own existence with that of the awareness of God or Guru’s existence with equal or greater intensity.

How is It Possible to Chant While Performing Various Activities?

This level of chanting happens at a much later stage in our spiritual journey when the chanting centre is well established in the sub-conscious mind.

Life Before Birth: The Time Before Conception

After we die on Earth, we (i.e. our respective subtle bodies) go to one of the various subtle regions of the Universe depending on our spiritual level and merits and demerits.

Chanting During Daily Activities

This article explains how it is possible to chant during working hours or when talking with someone.

How Chanting Affects Our Subconscious Mind – The Deflection Method

Understand how chanting as spiritual practice allows us to follow the 6 basic principles of Spirituality for fast spiritual growth.

What is basic nature and the concept of the three subtle basic components (trigunas)?

What is Basic Nature and the concept of the three subtle basic components (trigunas)?

Basic nature – as per the impressions in our subconscious minds

Learn how the mind works and how impressions in our subconscious mind influence our thoughts and actions.

How Does Chanting Work to Clear and Purify the Mind?

Any repeated thought or action forms an impression that if reinforced becomes a centre. This is the same principle used to create the devotion centre. We chant the Name of God according to the religion of our birth.

The Balanced State of Mind

Benefits of spiritual practice There are several benefits in commencing spiritual practice and being persistent with it. In fact one will be able to perceive some benefit almost immediately. Each of the benefits has a direct or indirect effect on increasing our happiness or reducing our unhappiness. Balanced state of mind Each of us today … Continue reading The Balanced State of Mind