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Information on the Universal Aura Scanner (UAS)

Please note : The Universal Aura Scanner (UAS) used to be called the Universal Thermo Scanner (UTS). Its name has been updated by the manufacturer, so it is currently referred to as the UAS. 1. Introduction to the Universal Aura Scanner Modern science is familiar with the gross or physical properties of living things or … Continue reading Information on the Universal Aura Scanner (UAS)

Music and Dance – A Spiritual Perspective

The effect of recitation of mantras in Sanskrit from the Samaveda

Using thermal imaging technology an experiment was conducted to demonstrate that Sanskrit mantras can create temperature differences in chakras.

World War 3 Starts Next Year – Prediction & dates, 2018 and onward

World War 3 is starting soon. It has been predicted by Nostradamus and many Saints, and with various conflicts and wars around the world it is becoming more obvious that it is true. Read the predictions, timeline and dates from 2018 and onwards.

Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) technique

Apart from advanced sixth sense, the use of biofeedback instruments such as PIP provide an important secondary means into researching the spiritual dimension.

Spiritual perspective on oils and candle wax used as fuel

We explore the spiritual impact of various oils and candle wax used as fuel to produce light.

Divine (Spiritually Evolved) Children

There is a special spiritual phenomenon taking place in our time. There are spiritually evolved children taking birth on Earth to herald in a new era for the rekindling of Spirituality in society.

Subtle experiment on hairstyles

Scientists and Researchers

Dr. Ulrich Berk: On 15 Apr 2014, Dr. Ulrich Berk visited the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram. Dr. Berk, from Müblingen, Germany, holds a PhD in Philosophy, is a former University professor, is the President of the German Association for Homa therapy and is an expert in Agnihotra. He has been performing the Agnihotra ritual for … Continue reading Scientists and Researchers

Beyond the 7 Wonders of the World