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Eczema treatment by taking spiritual healing measures

When doctors told Sameer they could not cure him, chanting and spiritual remedies cured his eczema.

Case Study – Severe face swelling reducing with a Saint’s picture

This is a case study about sudden severe swelling that did not respond to drugs but reduced when in touch with a Saints picture.

Severe migraines – overcome with spiritual practice

This case study shows how migraine was overcome by implementing regular spiritual practice in one seeker’s life.

Chronic migraines – spiritual treatment

This case study describes a spiritual cause of migraine headaches and the spiritual healing treatment of migraine headaches.

Sleep paralysis overcome with spiritual treatment

Ruchi experienced sleep paralysis for 4 years until she overcame her problem through spiritual practice.

What measures can one take to overcome problems due to ghosts at a personal level?

This article describes what measures a person can undertake to overcome problems due to ghosts.

Overcoming severe cerebral (brain) aneurysm symptoms

This case study describes how Anjali Mehta over came a cerebral aneurysm only through spiritual healing remedies.

Overcoming hair loss through spiritual healing treatment

This article describes how complete hair loss was overcome through spiritual healing remedies and daily spiritual practice

Severe Menstrual pain and bleeding

This is a case study of how a person overcame severe menstrual pain and bleeding through spiritual healing chants.

Eczema on hands overcome with spiritual treatment

Eczema on hands overcome with spiritual treatment within two weeks. It was not getting cured by modern medical treatment for the last 23 years.