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Severe migraines – overcome with spiritual practice

This case study shows how migraine was overcome by implementing regular spiritual practice in one seeker’s life.

Healing Chants

SSRF advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses. Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion. Whoever experiences heat or any kind of discomfort while chanting can omit the “Om” placed in front of the Name. “Om” … Continue reading Healing Chants

Chronic migraines – spiritual treatment

This case study describes a spiritual cause of migraine headaches and the spiritual healing treatment of migraine headaches.

Sleep paralysis overcome with spiritual treatment

Ruchi experienced sleep paralysis for 4 years until she overcame her problem through spiritual practice.

What measures can one take to overcome problems due to ghosts at a personal level?

This article describes what measures a person can undertake to overcome problems due to ghosts.

What remedies can be employed to end possession?

This article describes what a person can do to end possession by a ghost.

Blowing Holy ash from SSRF incense sticks – healing remedy

This article explains how to use the spiritual healing remedy of blowing Holy ash made from SSRF incense sticks

Applying Holy ash (Vibhuti) as a Spiritual Healing Remedy

This article explains how to use the spiritual healing remedy of applying Holy ash (Vibhuti) made from SSRF incense sticks.

Best usage of SSRF incense sticks for maximum benefit

This article explains some practical tips on how to use SSRF Incense sticks for best results in spiritual healing.

Factors affecting the effectiveness of spiritual healing remedies

The factors affecting the effectiveness of a spiritual healing remedy are varied and depend on many aspects. The interplay between these various aspects is complex and the key underlying factor in the effectiveness of the spiritual healing is the person’s quality and quantity of spiritual practice.