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Spiritual healing for extreme acidity and hunger pangs

After 13 years of excruciatingly painful acidity problems and severe hunger pangs, this woman found that her symptoms only reduced with a healing chant.

Overcoming insomnia – treatment through spiritual healing and spiritual practice

Auritra describes how spiritual practice helped him to overcome insomnia permanently.

Case study: Insomnia in a baby cured through spiritual healing

Yaduveer would wake up 8-10 times every night due to suffering from insomnia.

Recovering from typhoid symptoms by drinking gomutra

This is a case of a resistant fever that would not come down as a result of typhoid. Medication did not help but adding gomutra to the treatment cured her.

Skin rash cured with gomutra treatment

This case study explains how gomutra as a spiritual healing remedy cured body rashes and severe swelling.

Case study – Shirt getting torn by a possessing ghost manifesting in a person during spiritual healing

A case study about a ghost manifesting in a seeker due to the presence of a Saint and tearing the seeker’s shirt.

Chronic migraines – spiritual treatment

This case study describes a spiritual cause of migraine headaches and the spiritual healing treatment of migraine headaches.

Sleep paralysis overcome with spiritual treatment

Ruchi experienced sleep paralysis for 4 years until she overcame her problem through spiritual practice.