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Chanting (Japa) and Meditation – What is the Difference?

In this article we define chanting and meditation, outline the differences between them and study why chanting is a more beneficial spiritual practice in the current era.

Divine particles – spontaneous materialisation and its analysis

When Divine particles materialized spontaneously at SSRF’s research centre on 5th July 2012, we studied their features and significance

Progressive changes in objects due to positive spiritual energy

Did you know that positive energy can visibly manifest through objects? In rare cases, positive changes in the object can continue over time.

Spontaneous change due to manifestation of positive spiritual energy

In this article we describe how positive spiritual energy manifests and materialises through inanimate objects

Negative energy causes nightmares to stop a spiritual service

The night before video shooting for an SSRF video, negative energies tried to frighten a seeker through causing nightmares. Due to God’s protection, she was able to overcome her fear and continue with spiritual service.

Awakening Spiritual Emotion (Bhav)

Spiritual emotion

Spiritual experience of water tasting bitter

Experience of water tasting bitter without any reason followed by distressed feeling Yogita Apte has been doing spiritual practice under the guidance of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) since the year 2000. She has been living in the hermitage (Ashram) of SSRF in Goa, India since 2003. As part of her spiritual practice, she offers her … Continue reading Spiritual experience of water tasting bitter

Spiritual experience of subtle fragrance

Vamsi explains how he had a spiritual experience of smelling a fragrance of Holy ash while serving God which no one else could get. This was even though there was no Holy ash in the vicinity.

What are the benefits of coordinating chanting the Name of God with one’s breath?

This article explains the benefit of coordinating chanting the Name of God along with ones breath

What is a spiritual experience

How does an “experience” differ from a “spiritual experience”? Learn about the importance of spiritual experiences in the course of spiritual practice.