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Scientists and Researchers

Dr. Ulrich Berk: On 15 Apr 2014, Dr. Ulrich Berk visited the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram. Dr. Berk, from Müblingen, Germany, holds a PhD in Philosophy, is a former University professor, is the President of the German Association for Homa therapy and is an expert in Agnihotra. He has been performing the Agnihotra ritual for … Continue reading Scientists and Researchers

Behaviour in schools – a spiritual analysis of a student seeker

An article which see the problems that a school has from the eyes of a child seeker with a strong understanding of Spirituality and how it can benefits us if practiced in daily living.

What others say

Mrs Rishita Dewang Gadoya, Toronto, Canada: “I was able to experience Divine subtle fragrance everywhere in the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram. During all the 8 days that I was there, I was getting subtle fragrance from various sections of the Ashram. On 9th Jan 2009, I had a bad cold and could not smell … Continue reading What others say

Spiritual Research

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Comparative study of a commercial picture of Deity Shiva and a picture made by seekers using the PIP technique

This article explains our comparative study of a commercial picture of Deity Shiva and a picture made by seekers under the guidance of H.H. Dr. Athavale using the PIP technique

Spirituality in life | Sattvik living

How can we blend our normal day-to-day life with a spiritual life? Learn how we can derive bliss by attaching every aspect of life to spirituality.

Levels of spiritual evolvement

This article gives a comparison between milestones in spiritual evolvement or our spiritual journey and equivalent milestones in worldly life

Spiritual Practice should be done on a daily basis

If we are serious about any endeavour in life we need to be both persistent and regular.

Increasing the Level of Spiritual Practice Regularly

Just as we increase our levels of fitness by steadily increasing our exercise regime, the same is true in spiritual practice.

According to spiritual level or spiritual capacity

Undertaking spiritual practice as per the spiritual level or spiritual capacity