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Writing books on Spirituality

This article showcases an informal conversation between His Holiness Dr. Athavale and the editorial team when the above articles were being written. It provides various insights on why Saints prefer authoring books on Spirituality as opposed to books on Maya (the Great Illusion).

Writing books on Maya (the Great Illusion) and Spirituality

Books on Maya (the Great Illusion) are books about the created universe. Books related to Spirituality are books that guide on various aspects of Spirituality..

The effect of the author on books on Spirituality

In this article we discuss the benefits and risks of reading books on Spirituality depending on their author and what the readers actually achieve by reading these books.

What is study of spirituality

Study of Spiritual science is integral to help us understand the importance of why we should do spiritual practice.

Spirituality in life | Sattvik living

How can we blend our normal day-to-day life with a spiritual life? Learn how we can derive bliss by attaching every aspect of life to spirituality.