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Past lives influence on our Personality

This article explains how our deeds and personality defects cultivated in past lives influence of our sub-conscious mind and personality.

Own Wish, Other’s wish and God’s wish

One way to reduce our ego is to move from functioning as per one’s own wish to other’s wish and finally as per God’s wish as part of our spiritual practice.

What are Human Beings made of? (Body, Mind, Intellect, Soul)

Is the human existence just the body, or is there something more? Besides the body, mind and soul, there are other subtle bodies that also coexist.

Types of ego

In this article we discuss the various types of ego. Broadly, there are two types of ego: God’s ego and human ego.

Definition and meaning of ego

Ego is a major obstacle in the path of man’s worldly and spiritual happiness. If we learn how to reduce ego then we can access God’s grace more.

Definition of spiritual practice

Spiritual practice is honest and sincere efforts done consistently on a daily basis to develop Divine qualities and achieve everlasting happiness or Bliss.

How does one gain access to the Bliss from the soul?

As we grow spiritually through spiritual practice, we gain access to the Bliss from the soul.

What is Bliss – Spiritual definition

Bliss is a superlative state which is far above and beyond happiness.

The law of change

The outside world is never constant – there is only one thing constant about the external world, and that is CHANGE.