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Past lives influence on our Personality

This article explains how our deeds and personality defects cultivated in past lives influence of our sub-conscious mind and personality.

Is Killing a Sin – A Spiritual Perspective

Killing creates sin, but the amount of sin varies depending on who is being killed (animal or human), with what intention or under which circumstance

Negative effects of ghosts on society

Trends created or fueled by negative energies have become norms in society. Practices and festivities we consider normal may well be influenced by negative energies and demonic entities in the subtle.

Is graffiti art or vandalism – a spiritual perspective

1. Introduction Art forms have always intrigued us as it is a way of self-expression and creativity. To some, it is something very fundamental and a treasured heritage. However, art forms have evolved and transformed and drifted giving way to contemporary modern day art. Unfortunately under the lieu of modern hip hop culture, art has … Continue reading Is graffiti art or vandalism – a spiritual perspective

Fashion Shows – a spiritual perspective

1. Introduction A fashion show is an event organised for fashion designers to showcase their upcoming line of clothing or accessories. Fashion shows debut every season, particularly the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons. This is where the latest fashion trends are made. The two most influential fashion weeks are Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week, which are … Continue reading Fashion Shows – a spiritual perspective

Nudism – a spiritual perspective

Introduction Bathing in the nude in public on certain specific isolated occasions has been around from time immemorial. Over time, as we went deeper into the Kaliyug (the worst) Era, bathing in the nude in the presence of other nude people in public became somewhat common in many countries. It started as a movement for ‘going … Continue reading Nudism – a spiritual perspective

Social Issues

Skull fashion – a spiritual perspective

The extremely detrimental effect of wearing clothes and accessories with skull design is discussed in this article.

Spiritual effects of swearing and why to speak softly instead of loudly

What is the effect of swearing at the spiritual level? Depending on what we say and how we speak, softly or loudly, we attract positive or negative energy.

What are merits and sins?

Merits are the special energy gained or ability developed by devotedly following a righteous lifestyle, while sins are generated by those acts which are responsible for someone else’s decline.