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Jewellery design Part 2 – Factors that can affect the spiritual purity of Jewellery

Learn about these important factors that can help you gain spiritual benefit from your jewellery along with having aesthetic value.

Jewellery design – Part 1

Are you planning to buy jewellery ? Did you know that depending on the jewellery design it can emit positive or negative vibrations ?

Infographic: Spiritually Positive Jewellery

Did you know that the jewellery you wear can affect you positively or negatively? Learn how to select spiritually positive jewellery that will improve the quality of your life. Please visit our article on jewellery for more detailed information. Note for blogs and websites: Feel free to embed the Infographic on your website/blog. Just make … Continue reading Infographic: Spiritually Positive Jewellery

Subtle experiment – Earrings

Spirituality in life | Sattvik living

How can we blend our normal day-to-day life with a spiritual life? Learn how we can derive bliss by attaching every aspect of life to spirituality.