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The spiritual journey and special features of Her Holiness Lola Vezilić

1. Short biography Her Holiness Lola Vezilić was born in April 1953. She is a graduate in economics and for most of her working career she organised professional congresses. Between 1991 and 1999, she lived and worked in Malaysia and Singapore. During her stay there, she got an opportunity to meet people of different cultures and … Continue reading The spiritual journey and special features of Her Holiness Lola Vezilić

Spiritual effect of a Saint on a possessed person

Using biofeedback machines an experiment was conducted to observe the effect of a Saint on the chakras of a person who was possessed by negative energies.

Spiritual Love (Priti)

Satsang with Saints

The company of Saints is the highest type of physical Satsang. One derives benefits of the Satsang in proportion to one’s attitude and behaviour towards the Saint.

Comparative study of the Holy basil plant (Tulsi) watered by H.H. Dr. Athavale and Tulsi plant not watered by Him using biofeedback instruments

The Tulsi plant has a positive effect on the environment however when watered by a spiritually evolved person the positive effect is multiplied.

Classroom – Who is a Saint

Enlightenment (Saints and Gurus)

Divine changes on the body of the spiritually evolved

Divine changes are rare spiritual phenomena that occur on the bodies of some spiritually evolved people who are working for the spiritual good of mankind

Positive effect of a Saint’s handwriting studied through PIP and advanced sixth sense

In this example, we used PIP to understand the difference in the energy field around spiritually pure objects such as a Saint’s handwriting as opposed to a normal person’s handwriting. We also compared this with the spiritual research on Saint’s handwriting conducted through advanced sixth sense.

Subtle picture of His Holiness Jayant Athavale

This is a subtle picture and representation of His Holiness Jayant Athavale