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How does one recognise a Saint?

It is impossible for an average person to recognise a Saint, a person who is at the pinnacle of spiritual evolvement. To understand this better let us take the help of a few analogies. Also, if one wants to measure the spiritual maturity or level of a Saint who is at the pinnacle of evolvement in … Continue reading How does one recognise a Saint?

How is a Saint proclaimed as per the science of spirituality?

This article explains how to recognise a Saint.

Who is a Saint?

This article explains who is a Saint

Misconceptions about Sainthood?

The following are a few misconceptions about Sainthood:  A good or religious person or one who performs miracles is a Saint A Saint is defined by his spiritual level alone. Depending on a person’s path, the criteria for the spiritual level of Sainthood may differ. People may be able to perform miracles due to various reasons. … Continue reading Misconceptions about Sainthood?