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Behaviour in schools – a spiritual analysis of a student seeker

An article which see the problems that a school has from the eyes of a child seeker with a strong understanding of Spirituality and how it can benefits us if practiced in daily living.

Classroom – Various spiritual root causes of problems in life

How the spiritual dimension affects our lives Part 3 of 3 from SSRF Inc.

Classroom – Real life case studies of problems with spiritual root cause

How the spiritual dimension affects our lives Part 2 of 3 from SSRF Inc.

Classroom – Causes of problems in life & how to overcome them

How the spiritual dimension affects our lives Part 1 of 3 from SSRF Inc.

Causes of problems in life

Benefits of Chanting – Spiritual

Spiritual benefits of chanting include the ability to overcome destiny and ancestral problems, elimination of distress, purification of Kundalini centres and many benefits for our spiritual practice.

Limitations of Modern Medical Science and Need for Spiritual Healing

Medical science has limitations in curing diseases. There is a spiritual root cause behind most diseases that can be cured through spiritual healing.

Why Do People Need Spiritual Help in the Afterlife?

After death the subtle-body becomes heavy due to sins and excessive ego and as a result gets stuck in lower subtle-planes of existence such as the Nether region. If the sins are intense then the subtle-body goes to Hell.

Spiritual Problems

Most of us are unaware that the difficulties in our lives are actually spiritual problems 80% of the time. Whether a particular problem has a spiritual root cause can be known for sure only through the medium of a highly activated sixth sense. Ignorance about the existence of the spiritual dimension and knowing its role in our … Continue reading Spiritual Problems

How Will I Know If I Need Spiritual Healing?

This article explains the criteria that decide whether one needs spiritual healing