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Infographic: Prayer

This infographic shows how prayer works and what happens in the spiritual dimension when we pray. It also explains the benefits and examples of prayer and how we can imbibe maximum positive vibrations from it. It can be downloaded and printed for your use. For more detailed information, please visit our section on prayers. Note … Continue reading Infographic: Prayer

Prayer Before Meals – A Spiritual Perspective

Did you know that making a prayer before meals can impact whether positive or negative vibrations are attracted towards you and the food?

Should we pray with expectation?

Praying without expectation results in faster spiritual growth and conserves our spiritual

The effect of prayer – spiritual research using Biofeedback machines (DDFAO)

Making use of the DDFAO technique, we were able to see the clear benefit prayer has on
our chakras.

How does Prayer Work and How to Pray?

There are two types of prayers: for worldly benefit and for spiritual growth. Which type helps our spiritual journey?

Importance of prayer

By praying for spiritual growth, we slowly dissolve the mind, intellect and ego and experience
more Bliss as a result.