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Spiritual Effects of Food and Drink

Benefits of Chanting

Chanting means repetition of God’s Name. Chanting brings us many medical, psychological and spiritual benefits. If we chant with the intention of spiritual progress, we will achieve our aim and experience all the other benefits of chanting too.

Benefits of chanting – medical

Medical benefits of chanting include the symptoms of disease being visible before the disease sets in and physical benefit due to mental stability.

Spiritual effect of bathing in a cross legged position

Are you were getting the maximum spiritual benefit when you bathe? Learn about using the
cross legged position to get maximum spiritual benefit while bathing.

Spiritual effect of bathing in a bathtub

In this article we explain the spiritual effect of bathing in a bathtub

The spiritual effect of commercial shampoo

In this article we describe the spiritual effect of using commercial shampoo.

Effects and benefits of eating vegetarian food vs eating meat

Spiritual research on the effect of eating healthy vegetarian food vs eating meat. Our research using the Electrosomatographic method show how kundalini chakras respond to the food we eat.

Limitations of Modern Medical Science and Need for Spiritual Healing

Medical science has limitations in curing diseases. There is a spiritual root cause behind most diseases that can be cured through spiritual healing.

Signs of Ghosts Causing or Aggravating Sickness

This article explains the signs to look for when there is an influence of ghosts or departed ancestors contributing to one’s illness

Spiritual health effect of drinking a popular cola drink

What kind of subtle vibrations does a popular cola drink attract and emanate? Learn why it is detrimental for our spiritual health to consume this type of drink.