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What is an autosuggestion ?

Giving a positive suggestion to the subconscious mind for any incorrect action, thought, expressed or unexpressed reaction is called an auto-suggestion.

Spiritual experiences of Mrs Silvia Vizcarra Dattoli

1. Experiencing spiritual emotion in the presence of His Holiness Dr Athavale In August 2015, I had an opportunity to be in a satsang with His Holiness Dr Athavale. During the course of the satsang He asked me to say something, but somehow, I could not. He immediately said that this was due to spiritual … Continue reading Spiritual experiences of Mrs Silvia Vizcarra Dattoli

Infographic: Spiritual Effects of Food and Drink

Most of us know that our diet affects us health wise, but do you know that the food we eat has a spiritual impact on us? Learn how to choose food and drink that benefits and assists our spiritual practice. For more detailed information, please visit our section on food and drink . Note for … Continue reading Infographic: Spiritual Effects of Food and Drink

Self-analysis tool – The PDR chart (Part2)

Here we explore how to understand the root personality defect behind an incorrect action or reaction

Self-analysis tool – The PDR chart (Part1)

Learning how to analyse oneself and go to the bottom of a personality defect or bad habit is an important step in gaining the ability to overcome it.

Sample chart for analysis and correction of personality defects and ego

Learn how to record observations of one’s mistakes for further self-analysis and how to provide solutions how to correct them.

Stumbling blocks in becoming self-aware

Learn about the pitfalls in learning about oneself

Personality defect removal as spiritual practice

Whichever spiritual path one wishes to follow it is important that personality defects are reduced if one wants to grow spiritually – learn why this is so.

Past lives influence on our Personality

This article explains how our deeds and personality defects cultivated in past lives influence of our sub-conscious mind and personality.

Personality defects and dealing with stress

Our ability to cope with stress is determined by the number of personality defects we have.