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Disfiguration of photographs by higher level negative energies

Explains the spiritual science behind spontaneous fading and disfiguration of photographs and other items

Case study – Disfigured wallpaper image on a mobile phone

This is a case study and analysis of spontaneous disfiguration of the wallpaper image on a mobile phone due to negative energies.

Spontaneous changes in people and objects due to negative energy

Higher level ghosts utilise negative energy to disfigure physical objects – includes a photographic gallery of disfigured items.

Gallery of items changing progressively due to negative energy

In this section we present pictures of progressive change on items already affected by negative energies.

Gallery of items affected by negative energy

Over the years our collection of objects that were attacked by negative energies from the spiritual dimension has grown immensely. We studied and photographed the items. The pictures in this photo gallery are a catalogue of these attacks.

Blood-like stains appeared spontaneously on shirt – A case study

This is a case study about how blood stains appeared spontaneously on the T-shirt of Mrs Yoya Vallee

Spontaneous blood stains appearing on various items

Sean Clarke narrates the various experiences he has had with blood stains appearing spontaneously.

Coconuts cracking on their own before the start of a spiritual function

This case study describes and explains unusual, spontaneous and repeated cracking of many coconuts that were prepared for a spiritual function

Cracks on inanimate objects created by higher level negative energies

This article describes the spiritual science behind the phenomenon of cracks appearing on inanimate objects such as laminated photographs without an immediate physical cause