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Spiritual Research associated with Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale’s Physical Body

Saints of the highest order emit immense positivity. Anything which they touch or use or people who come in their vicinity are benefitted from the Divine consciousness which they emit. Just like when the sun rises everything awakens automatically- the sun does not have to tell everyone to wake up, similarly due to the presence of Saints society is inspired to do spiritual practice.

Fine arts – Semiotics and Symbols

For millennia, various communities have considered different shapes as sacred and auspicious symbols. In these articles, we will go beyond any physical and historical differences and share a different approach to viewing different symbols with you. We will look at them at the subtle level, where we study the difference in their spiritual vibrations.

Beyond the 7 Wonders of the World


Chanting of Om Mantra

This article explains the meaning of Om and chanting of Om whether you are male or female and as per spiritual level.

What is a bij-mantra?

A bij-mantra is a seedling of a mantra. It is this seedling that shoots of the science of Mantra spread.

Frequently Asked Questions on what Name of God to chant

This article explains the commonly and frequently asked questions about what Name of God one should chant.