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Does one have to leave existing spiritual practice to start chanting?

This article explains the reasons to adopt the spiritual practice of chanting alonly with whatever spiritual practice they are used to doing

Spiritual practice with expectation and without expectation

The seeker experiences worldly happiness by doing sakam spiritual practice while he experiences spiritual Bliss (Ānand) by doing nishkam spiritual practice.

How to reduce ego

Thinking that we are separate from others and God, is ego. Ego is the main obstacle in spiritual progress and it can be reduced with spiritual practice

Not wanting to listen on what spiritual practice to do

This article explains the importance of proactively listening to others who have walked the spiritual path as it accelerates our spiritual progress

What is Spiritual Level?

1. About spiritual level The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) uses the term ‘spiritual level’ to describe a person’s spiritual maturity or spiritual capacity. It acts as a scale to define spiritual growth and gives perspective on where we are in our spiritual journey. The higher one’s spiritual level the greater is the amount of … Continue reading What is Spiritual Level?

Obstacles in spiritual practice

The mind, intellect and ego can cause obstacles in spiritual practice that prevent us from progressing. With these remedies obstacles can be overcome

What do Ghosts (Demons) Want From us and What is Their Objective?

In horror movies we often see ghosts terrorising people. However this is not the only reason they affect people. Depending on a person’s activities the objectives of ghosts may change.

Increasing the Level of Spiritual Practice Regularly

Just as we increase our levels of fitness by steadily increasing our exercise regime, the same is true in spiritual practice.