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Why do some people become addicts and others do not?

The negative destiny of the person has a large part to play in substance abuse. What are the other spiritual factors?


Depression due to ghosts

Drawings based on subtle-knowledge of ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) by Activity A ghost overpowering the state of mind of its victim causing depression      << Previous Drawing 2 of 2    This drawing based on subtle-knowledge of Elizabeth explained the spiritual root cause of her depression even though externally she had everything going for her, … Continue reading Depression due to ghosts

Overeating case study – spiritual root cause

Pratik suffered from compulsive overeating due to a departed ancestor fulfilling its desire for food through possession.

What are the symptoms of a haunted house?

This article lists the various symptoms of a haunted house.

What are Ghosts and How does a Person Become One?

Through spiritual research we have found that any one of us can become a ghost. The desires, cravings and attachments we have during our life on Earth if not controlled and overcome, become our weak point in the afterlife. Higher level negative control lower level ghosts in the afterlife.

What do Ghosts (Demons) Want From us and What is Their Objective?

In horror movies we often see ghosts terrorising people. However this is not the only reason they affect people. Depending on a person’s activities the objectives of ghosts may change.