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Hairstyles for women

Hair down – spiritual effect of women leaving their hair loose

This article explains what happens at a spiritual level when a woman leaves her hair down. The findings are through spiritual research

Signs of Ghosts Causing or Aggravating Sickness

This article explains the signs to look for when there is an influence of ghosts or departed ancestors contributing to one’s illness

Sexual molestation

A ghost involved in a subtle sexual assault while its victim is asleep Drawing 1 of 1 Sometimes women experience an unseen entity sexually molesting, sexually assaulting or raping them. The above drawing based on subtle-knowledge shows one such case. One of the seekers through her sixth sense had a vision of what actually happened … Continue reading Sexual molestation

Case Study – Severe face swelling reducing with a Saint’s picture

This is a case study about sudden severe swelling that did not respond to drugs but reduced when in touch with a Saints picture.

Sleep paralysis – Causes and Treatment

Have you ever woken up to find that you are not able to move? What is the real reason why some people experience paralytic attacks while sleeping?

Case study: Mr. S.G. Vatkar recovered from a heart disease without cardiac surgery

Mr. Vatkar was suffering from chest pains and various medical tests indicated he had severe cardiac disease. Read how spiritual healing remedies cured him.

Severe Menstrual pain and bleeding

This is a case study of how a person overcame severe menstrual pain and bleeding through spiritual healing chants.

Which People are Attacked by Ghosts or Demons?

Negative energies attack a person to complete the give-and-take account between the ghost and the targeted person.

Severe Jaundice – Dr Marathe

Learn how Dr Marathe overcame a case of severe jaundice that would not go away despite medical treatment through spiritual healing methods.