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Social Issues

Skull fashion – a spiritual perspective

The extremely detrimental effect of wearing clothes and accessories with skull design is discussed in this article.

Subtle experiment on Social activites

Influence of Negative Energies on Society

Spiritual negative effect of a zombie walk

Here we explore some of the spiritually detrimental effects of a zombie walk on both the person an society.


Spiritual effects of swearing and why to speak softly instead of loudly

What is the effect of swearing at the spiritual level? Depending on what we say and how we speak, softly or loudly, we attract positive or negative energy.

Spiritual effects of television and movies

Why do people watch TV? SSRF explains the spiritual effects of television and movies, as well as how TV genre affects the viewer and environment.

Body Piercings – Effects of Piercing the Nose, Ear and Other Parts

SSRF studies body piercings and compares the spiritual effect of ear piercing and nose piercing with other body piercing places.

Case study – Disfigured wallpaper image on a mobile phone

This is a case study and analysis of spontaneous disfiguration of the wallpaper image on a mobile phone due to negative energies.