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What are prescription chants?

This article explains the meaning of prescription chants.

Overcoming severe cerebral (brain) aneurysm symptoms

This case study describes how Anjali Mehta over came a cerebral aneurysm only through spiritual healing remedies.

Case study: Mr. S.G. Vatkar recovered from a heart disease without cardiac surgery

Mr. Vatkar was suffering from chest pains and various medical tests indicated he had severe cardiac disease. Read how spiritual healing remedies cured him.

Severe Menstrual pain and bleeding

This is a case study of how a person overcame severe menstrual pain and bleeding through spiritual healing chants.

Physical Illnesses – Spiritual Causes and Remedies

In many cases of physical illness the root cause is due to spiritual factors including ghosts. How can we know if our symptoms are caused by ghosts?

What is eczema and how can it be cured ?

What is eczema? Why is there no cure for eczema despite extensive modern research? Are there factors in the spiritual dimension behind it?

Mouth ulcers – Ms Madhura Bhosale

Madhura was suffering from a severe cold, sore throat and ulcers that were not going away despite medical treatment. Attending a spiritual ritual cured her.

Severe Jaundice – Dr Marathe

Learn how Dr Marathe overcame a case of severe jaundice that would not go away despite medical treatment through spiritual healing methods.