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Beyond the 7 Wonders of the World


Mechanism behind Spiritual Healing Methods – Spiritual Healers

This article discusses the mechanism of healing when a spiritual healer attempts to heal a patient.

Spiritual Phenomena


A spectacular collection of photographs – positive and negative energy materialising on objects and people

Unique spiritual experiences of seekers regarding Divine particles

1. Definition of an experience and a spiritual experience The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) defines that which is experienced through the medium of the five senses, mind and intellect as an ‘experience’. For example, the experience of eating one’s favourite dish, feeling love for one’s child, resolving a problem at work by using one’s … Continue reading Unique spiritual experiences of seekers regarding Divine particles

Divine changes manifesting as yellow fingernails

Yellow fingernails on rare occasions can be caused due to Divine changes in a spiritually evolved person’s body who is working for the spiritual welfare of society

Progressive changes in objects due to positive spiritual energy

Did you know that positive energy can visibly manifest through objects? In rare cases, positive changes in the object can continue over time.

Gallery of items changing progressively due to positive energy

An unique photo-gallery of objects that have changed due to positive energy and continue to change over time.

Spontaneous change due to manifestation of positive spiritual energy

In this article we describe how positive spiritual energy manifests and materialises through inanimate objects

Gallery of items transformed by positive energy

Spiritual research of objects that had changed in colour due to positive energy.