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The Spiritual Benefit of Sleeping in the Right Direction

A real life experience of how changing sleep posture can bring about spiritual benefits and improve wellbeing.

How to Sleep Better?

Sleeping Disorders

Hair down – spiritual effect of women leaving their hair loose

This article explains what happens at a spiritual level when a woman leaves her hair down. The findings are through spiritual research

Overcoming insomnia – treatment through spiritual healing and spiritual practice

Auritra describes how spiritual practice helped him to overcome insomnia permanently.

Case study: Insomnia in a baby cured through spiritual healing

Yaduveer would wake up 8-10 times every night due to suffering from insomnia.

Sleep paralysis – Causes and Treatment

Have you ever woken up to find that you are not able to move? What is the real reason why some people experience paralytic attacks while sleeping?

What causes sleepwalking and its treatment

Did you know that the actual cause of sleepwalking is in fact a spiritual problem and that only by employing spiritual remedies can one overcome it ?

Best Sleeping Direction (East – West)

Effect of going to sleep with feet facing West

Sleeping with Feet Facing South and Bed in North-South Direction

This article explains the effect of going to sleep with the feet facing South, from a spiritual perspective