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Personality defect removal as spiritual practice

Whichever spiritual path one wishes to follow it is important that personality defects are reduced if one wants to grow spiritually – learn why this is so.

Personality defects and dealing with stress

Our ability to cope with stress is determined by the number of personality defects we have.

How to surrender to God by reducing doership

Doership, the feeling that “I am the doer” is a major obstacle in surrendering to God. Once doership is reduced, true surrender to God begins.

Personality Defect Removal and Personality Improvement

Finding Happiness Through Spiritual Practice

How to reduce ego

Thinking that we are separate from others and God, is ego. Ego is the main obstacle in spiritual progress and it can be reduced with spiritual practice

Start Your Spiritual Journey

Throughout the website the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) has stressed the importance of doing regular spiritual practice. The purpose of this section is to give you a quick understanding of what you can do to begin your spiritual journey (spiritual practice) today. Whichever religious path or culture you come from, the Spiritual Science Research … Continue reading Start Your Spiritual Journey

About happiness

Every human being regardless of their faith, gender and social or financial status desires to learn how to be happy.

Why do we want happiness?

Let us look within to understand why we strive and want to learn how to be happy.