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Kissing in public – spiritual effects

Over the past several decades, humanity has seen a rapid decline in, righteous conduct, moral values and what is considered good human behavior as well as spiritual level. Under the guise of giving more freedom to people or being more liberal in life, people started manifesting some of their desires, personality defects and ego even in public, which some 100 years ago was unheard of.

Japanese greeting – Bowing

When two people greet each other by bowing, a protective sheath of Divine Energy is formed around each one of them. However, subtle energy can still be exchanged even without physical contact.

How to greet – kissing | A spiritual perspective

While greeting one another by kissing, we are susceptible to an exchange of negative energy the most compared to any other form of greeting.

Spiritual effects of people hugging

If one or both the people hugging have problems due to negative energies, then there can be an exchange of distressing energy between them.

Handshakes – spiritual perspective

Did you know that subtle energy gets transferred between two people who greet with handshakes? Learn why this form of greeting can be spiritual harmful for us.

Spirituality in life | Sattvik living

How can we blend our normal day-to-day life with a spiritual life? Learn how we can derive bliss by attaching every aspect of life to spirituality.