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Lord Datta Chant – Give and Take account

Chanting the Name of Lord Datta clears our give-and-take account with ancestral spirits. Understand the mechanism of how this works.

What truly determines compatibility in a relationship?

Did you know that the primary reason that you will or will not get along with your partner is spiritual in nature?

Who do we have a give-and-take account with?

We generally have the highest give-and-take karmic account with the people we are closest to and with our family members.

Mechanism of action of the give-and-take account and why we sometimes do the things we do?

Destiny and the give-and-take karmic account are reflected in the way we live our lives and heavily influence the choices that we make.

Liberation from the cycle of birth and death

According to the science of Spirituality the definition of being liberated means not being compelled to take birth again because one’s destiny has been significantly reduced.

Karma and the Law of Give-and-Take

Many events in our lives are destined beginning with our birth and the family that we are born into.