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Signs of Ghosts Causing or Aggravating Sickness

This article explains the signs to look for when there is an influence of ghosts or departed ancestors contributing to one’s illness

Symptoms of a Ghost Affecting or Possessing a Person

What are the symptoms that are seen when ghosts affect the various systems of the body?

How can one identify a person affected or possessed by a ghost by means of the intellect?

In this article we present some tips on how we can decide by our intellect whether one is affected or possessed by ghosts.

Levels and Signs of Demonic Possession

Demonic possession is a complex issue where nothing is what it seems to the gross eye.

How to know what type of ghosts are affecting the person?

This article describes how a person can determine the type of ghost that is affecting one.

Overcoming severe cerebral (brain) aneurysm symptoms

This case study describes how Anjali Mehta over came a cerebral aneurysm only through spiritual healing remedies.

Mouth ulcers – Ms Madhura Bhosale

Madhura was suffering from a severe cold, sore throat and ulcers that were not going away despite medical treatment. Attending a spiritual ritual cured her.