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Clothes and smell – How clothes are influenced by positive and negative energy

Have you ever noticed that your clothes can have an unpleasant smell despite being clean? The reason for this can be of a spiritual nature.

Blood-like stains appeared spontaneously on shirt – A case study

This is a case study about how blood stains appeared spontaneously on the T-shirt of Mrs Yoya Vallee

Case study – Unusual tears and cuts on a floral cotton ladies’ top explained

This is a case study of spontaneous tears and cuts appearing on a floral cotton ladies’ top.

Blood stains

Have you ever heard of blood stains appearing dramatically on various items such as clothes, walls and the floor in a house?      

A case study on spontaneous holes occurring in clothing

This is a case study of holes appearing spontaneously in a pair of pyjamas. The holes were created by negative energies while the person was wearing them.