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Spiritual experiences of Mrs Shilpa Kudtarkar

1. How His Holiness Dr Athavale knew that my husband was internally a seeker In 1996, my family was in the process of arranging my marriage. In India, it is common for families to arrange the marriages of their children. I received a marriage proposal from Rajeev Kudtarkar, who was residing in the USA. I … Continue reading Spiritual experiences of Mrs Shilpa Kudtarkar

Spiritual experiences of Sharon Clarke Sequeira

1. Recovering from a life-threatening illness after His Holiness Dr Athavale was informed I started my spiritual practice in 1988. In 2004, when my son was about twelve years old, he ate something at a restaurant that made him very sick. After three days, the doctor said that we should take him to Mumbai to … Continue reading Spiritual experiences of Sharon Clarke Sequeira

Benefits of chanting – medical

Medical benefits of chanting include the symptoms of disease being visible before the disease sets in and physical benefit due to mental stability.

Limitations of Modern Medical Science and Need for Spiritual Healing

Medical science has limitations in curing diseases. There is a spiritual root cause behind most diseases that can be cured through spiritual healing.

Case Study – Severe face swelling reducing with a Saint’s picture

This is a case study about sudden severe swelling that did not respond to drugs but reduced when in touch with a Saints picture.

Obstruction in diagnosis by negative energies

This case study showed how diagnosis of tuberculosis could not take place until spiritual measures were taken.

Severe migraines – overcome with spiritual practice

This case study shows how migraine was overcome by implementing regular spiritual practice in one seeker’s life.

Healing Chants

SSRF advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses. Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion. Whoever experiences heat or any kind of discomfort while chanting can omit the “Om” placed in front of the Name. “Om” … Continue reading Healing Chants

Physical health

Overcoming inflammatory bowel disease through spiritual practice

David is an entrepreneur with a finance background who lives in Sydney, Australia. In this case study (which has been documented in Jul 2013), David narrates in his own words how spiritual practice and spiritual healing methods suggested by SSRF on its website ssrf.org helped him to overcome a serious case of inflammatory bowel disease. … Continue reading Overcoming inflammatory bowel disease through spiritual practice