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Spiritual experiences related to Pitrupaksha – Ms Petra Stich

1. Relief from ancestral distress by performing a simplified version of Shraddha The first evening of Pitrupaksha (a fortnight when departed ancestors come closest to Earth), my spiritual distress increased. I felt immense feelings of sadness, isolation, desperation and I felt completely unsatisfied. I felt helpless and I cried until I fell asleep. The next … Continue reading Spiritual experiences related to Pitrupaksha – Ms Petra Stich

Spiritual experiences of Ms Anu Pursram

1. Ancestral problems reducing after chanting as per the guidance of His Holiness Dr Athavale I come from a large family where family members from several generations lived together. Throughout the years, we would experience various difficulties like frequent quarrels, financial and health problems, no marriages and sudden and unnatural deaths. We did not know … Continue reading Spiritual experiences of Ms Anu Pursram

PATM – Causes and Treatment

People who suffer from PATM would normally search for physical and psychological causes and treatment. They should also consider spiritual practice and spiritual healing remedies.

Fortnight for departed ancestral spirits and Shraddha ritual

Did you know that you can help your ancestors in the afterlife? This is especially so during the fortnight that they come closest to the Earth plane.

Adopting a child – should we do it?

Is adoption right? What are the spiritual consequences of adoption? Should one adopt a child?

Problems with Ancestral Spirits


Planning one’s wedding after the death of a close relative such as one’s parents

For those who are in a quandary about wedding plans due to the sudden death of a close relative such as one’s father or mother, this article provides spiritual perspectives to keep in mind.

Recurrent Dreams of Departed Family Members and Ancestors

For 10 years, Shourya’s deceased sister would often appear to her in her dreams.

Dreams of dead family members and relatives – Meaning

This article provides a spiritual perspective on recurrent dreams of ancestral spirits, dead family members, and dead relatives.